7 Best Winter Jackets for College Students in 2020

The winter season is pretty tricky since we need to have multiple layers of clothes in order to keep ourselves warm. Every year it’s the same question, which one of all the winter jackets should you pick. As you are aware perfectly aware of, there are literally countless jackets you can choose from. At the same time, if you are a college student, you are probably on a pretty tight budget. So, you need to make your choices carefully in order to be within your limitations.

For those who have a little bit of money on the side, we recommend checking out some great winter jackets, to visit this site. Luckily, since we have the internet at our disposal, there is no limitations to the amount of research we can do when looking for the best one. Therefore, we’ve decided to provide you with some of the best winter jackets for college students.

Women’s Minisoya Peacoat

Source: expocafeperu.com

Having a stylish and fancy peacoat is a dream for a high number of ladies. It is perfect for women who tend to go out during the winter. And going out is not as good without a proper dress up, right? Well, this would definitely be a great addition to the whole style. Sadly, you will don’t have as much choice when it comes to the size and colors, but we assure you that you will look no further than those already at the disposal. You will be able to choose between four different floors and five sizes. Moreover, it is made of wool and cotton. We can call it a perfect balance between chic look and keeping the warmth during cold days.

Beyove Military Parka

Source: buymestyle.com

We personally think that Beyove’s military parka is one of the best choices for college students. The reason is its price range is something for anybody’s pocket. You can find one of these in a price range between $89.99 and $139.99. It comes with a wide array of colors that will surely provide a plethora of choices for anyone. At the same time, there is a lot of different sizes from which you can choose. Furthermore, the customer will be provided with instructions about how to dry-clean and hand-wash it. Moreover, the materials who were used for the production of these jackets are fleece, spandex, cotton, and polyester.

Beinia Valuker Down Coat

Source: pinterest.com

Keeping warm and having a certain level of style is something that many of the manufacturers don’t succeed when making their jackets. Beinia’s Valuker is a great way to have both of these elements in one winter jacket. At the same time, even though its price is somewhat bigger than other winter jackets on this list of ours, we absolutely have no doubt that it can be found for a cheaper price. Usually, you will be able to find it at a price range of $89.99 and $139.99. Choosing between nine sizes and seven colors has never been harder than with this one. The reason is that all of them are pretty great and we are sure that everyone will find something for them.

Yozai Military Jacket

Source: galleon.ph

Yozai’s military jacket is one of the most versatile ones on this list of ours. This is a jacket that comes in five different sizes and in 15 styles. Without any doubt, it will preserve the necessary warmth during long and cold months. One of the best things about this one is its number of pockets, eight of them to be precise. Moreover, it features a high-quality zipper closure that will provide even more warmth preservation. At the same time, it has a fur-trimmed hood and some fur inside of it. Without any doubt you will both feel and look great. You can check some of the online reviews and you will see how it fits.

Wantdo Men’s Mountain Waterproof

Source: pinterest.com

Wantdo provided us with an exceptional waterproof jacket available in more than a dozen colors and six different sizes. What sets this jacket apart from other men’s jackets is its price range. You could obtain one of these for a price between $39.99 and $78.89. This is a highly durable, waterproof jacket that also has a pretty fascinating fuzzy lining. With that in mind, we can conclude that it is perfect as protection during rainy seasons. Moreover, you will be able to use its adjustable cuffs that have a thumb opening in order to preserve the warmth. We can say that this is a perfect ski coat that you can use when visiting some of the great locations for skiing during the winter season.

Women’s Oversized Casual Coat

Source: lantret.com

Firstly, you need to know that this is not your average winter jacket. It doesn’t feature some elements usual for these winter jackets, but it should be considered as one nonetheless. At the same time, it can be said that this is a perfect one for those days when you are outgoing for coffee. Without any doubt, it will match all of the styles that you would combine it with. Also, it is pretty cheap when you compare it to some of the similar ones on the market. Its price range goes between $24.99 and $38.99.

Wantdo Women’s Ultra-Light

Source: expocafeperu.com

One of the best winter jackets that we’ve been able to come across was Wantdo’s ultra-light. This is a jacket that is both super warm a light-weight at the same time. Therefore, you will not have the feeling of being overstuffed with layers of clothes under it. You should check some of the online reviews and you will witness that a high number of people consider it a jacket of the highest quality.

Also, it comes in a high number of colors you can choose from. At the same time, you are going to be able to find it for a price of $54. Moreover, it looks pretty decent with all of the possible styles that you would like to have. It goes well with winter boots and jeans. Without a doubt, it will provide a certain stylish touch to the overall style of yours.


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