13 Professional Tips On How To Play The Guitar Better (2021)

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One problem with the new guitarist is “impatience”. It is advisable to concentrate on the basics and start slowly. Don’t be eager to start playing the power chords or tearing those solos apart. Give it time.

All professional guitarists have one thing in common-“good technique”! They always apply the basic requirements without trying to cut corners. Playing the guitar with good technique will make those power chords and solos much easier with the right positioning of your fingers and hands.

Below are some techniques to help you improve your guitar skills. Some of these techniques will probably take a little period of practice, so do not be discouraged. For reviews and buying guides on the best guitar and other musical instruments just head over to MusicCritic. They are also a leading source of music, band, and album reviews ideal for music lovers.

1. Do not avoid difficult chords

Avoid shying away from tricky and difficult chords. As a matter of fact, you should dedicate more energy and time to them, otherwise, psychologically; this will pose a barrier to your guitar playing for as long as you play.

2. Learn new things every day

Learning something new relating to the guitar each day, thus increasing your guitar knowledge can really have a positive effect on subconscious music mind, helping you perform effortlessly and improving your ability to express yourself with the guitar. It could be; learning a new chord, scale, a melody, new song, etc. make this a ritual and then you will see that more new things will pop up each day and your guitar playing skills will improve tremendously.

3. Play with other guitarists

Different people have different ways of playing the guitar and so you will realize that when you play with others, you are likely to find new ways of playing some rhythms, honing your rhythm, swapping licks or basically learning other concepts and styles of play.

4. Learn and master your favorite songs note for note

Try and practice songs of some of your heroes. Do exactly what they do and this will make you appreciate the craft more and admire the dexterity of those heroes.

5. Learn to take slow deep breaths

Taking slow deep breaths (especially when you are nervous) usually calms the body and makes you play looser, delivering greater tones. Avoid holding your breath tight in your upper chest. Taking deep full breaths change the general physiology of your body. When you play, breath into your diaphragm and then exhale

6. Have good practice and warm-up routines

Start your practice routine by monitoring your body as you play slowly. Make sure your shoulders are not stiff but loose and make sure your head is sitting on your shoulders comfortably. You can also play versions of some scales without strumming and plucking the strings too hard. Playing groovy scale scales slowly can help u relax.

7. Take breaks in-between practice

Try to take about twenty minutes to break between practice, whether you think you need it or not. When you do this, you can even play longer for over an hour without any break and you won’t even realize it. This will help the brain relax more and absorb more as well.

8. Learn to play outside your comfort zone

Try to play other music styles different from the ones you enjoy playing the most. By so doing, you stretch yourself and become more flexible in your play.

9.  Try using the capo

Using the capo makes you learn more about your playing possibilities. You don’t have to re-tune your strings and now you can conveniently play usual progressions in A# or E-flat.

10. Use a metronome

Solo practice with the metronome will help u with quirky rhythm and tempo.

11. Take lessons from professionals

Every player has his own bad quirks and a professional teacher can help resolve them. Not only beginners need lessons. Every guitar player can always learn something new from a better pro.

12.  Avoid the left-hand grip

One of the first challenges you will encounter as a new guitarist is a difficulty of pressing the strings against the fretboard. You may experience pains on your wrist and fingers. The proper hand placement of your fingers should be with your thumb on the back of the guitar’s neck and this will force you to use your fingertips when playing some notes without accidentally placing your finger on other strings.

The common (but wrong) technique is placing the thumb on top of the guitar’s fretboard so that your fingertips are not actually resting on the strings. This is known as the “death grip” because you have quite a strong grip on the neck of the guitar and this hinders the proper use of your fingers.

Applying the right technique may seem difficult at first due to the lack of strength in the wrist but as time goes by it will get easier. Get accustomed to the right techniques and you will enjoy the benefits down the road.

13. Take proper care of your guitar

Keep your guitar clean. Changing your strings after some time can also improve the performance of your guitar. Lighter strings may fit bigger bends while heavier strings can improve the strength of fingering as well as tone.

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