Review of Kendal 2 in 1 Portable At-Home Diamond Microdermabrasion System sf03 – 2021


Are you planned to stop going beauty spa? Have you decided to buy hand-held personal Microderm system? Looking for the best-featured at-home Microderm system? If like so, then you’re on the right path. Stay here to know the excellent option for you.


This article tells you about a review of “Kendal 2 in 1 portable at-home diamond microdermabrasion system SF03” and why this is an excellent option for your skin.

Features Kendal 2 in 1 portable microdermabrasion system:


Kendal is one of the leading company provides microdermabrasion for beauty purposes. They introduced the various kind of Kendal microdermabrasion system with advanced features.

You may know different types of Kendal microdermabrasion skincare kit. As like as, Kendal 2 in 1 portable system also works to clear problems with your skin, but it does multiple functions on the single machine. So, you will get 2 in 1 features.

  • 2 built-in functions:

This hand-held Kendal microdermabrasion system has 2 built-in functions such as diamond microdermabrasion therapy and vacuum therapy. So, you will get 2 amazing results in your skin after using this kit at home.

  • Sterile diamond heads:


The Kendal 2 in 1 portable microdermabrasion system is made with sterile diamond heads. This Diamond Head microdermabrasion system provides a non-surgical skin resurfacing procedure by using the sterile diamond heads. The functions of diamond heads peel and rub off the dead cells on the top of the skin and clears out.

  • Vacuum function:

Vacuum function of Microderm removes the particles along with the dirt and dead cells in the skin. Additionally, the vacuum function cleans dirty pores and also increases the blood circulation in your facial skin.

  • Suction power:

Kendal knows each one has a different kind of skin like sensitive, dry, oily and more and depth of the problem as well as get changes. So, it provides 3 level of suction power such as soft, medium and strong) to clean the dirty pores.

  • Diamond tips:

To peel and rub off a dirty portion of the skin, a diamond heads includes diamond tip. The Kendal gives you the 3 diamond tips.

  • Built-in timer:

This portable Kendal 2 in 1 kit has a built-in timer and also the LED display.

  • Warranty:

The Kendal 2 in 1 portable Microderm kit offers 1 warranty. This is maximum limit versus other Microderm kits.



  • It provides only very mild peeling, so no irritation to face
  • It includes 3 diamond tips
  • It cleans the pores immediately at the level of 2
  • The Kendal microdermabrasion filter outs the dead cells
  • It has built-in timer to set the time limit
  • This SF03 is a portable kit


  • No instructions to use this SF03 Microderm

Final words:

Do you want to buy a microdermabrasion kit for multiple purposes? Then I strongly recommend you to buy the “Kendal 2 in 1 portable at-home microdermabrasion system SF03”. Buy this inexpensive kit for your home and get the damage-free skin.

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  • SUCTION EXTRACTION TIPS – Multiple tips in different shapes and sizes let you easily remove unwanted pore congestion, These tips are designed to be used in easy to reach places like the chin, cheeks and forehead.
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