Review of BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller, Orange 2020

Can’t able to carry your child in hand? Do you want to buy a stroller? Looking for a stroller with advanced features? Then exactly this is the right place to get an excellent stroller for your children.


This article tells you about “BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller, Orange” and why I recommending you this product.

Table of contents:

  1. Features of BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller
    • Swiveling front wheel
    • Step folding
    • Accessory adapter
    • Suspension system
    • Storage options
    • Warranty
    • Package includes
  2. Overview
    • Pros
    • Cons
  3. Final words

Features of BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller:


There are plenty of options available to choose a stroller, so you should surely confuse with different types of stroller and its styles. Selecting a stroller for your single or double children is not a matter at all, but picking the high quality and best durability product is very important.

To pick the right product, you need to know the features of that product, so below I gave you the features of BOB revolution SE Duallie Stroller.

  • Swiveling front wheel:


The BOB revolution SE Duallie Stroller is designed with a Swiveling front wheel which offers maneuverability. It has 3 wheels and among all, 2 is the front wheel and 1 is the rear wheel. And, the front wheel is designed to lock for increasing stability.

  • Step folding:


The revolution SE Duallie stroller has 2 step folding frame and it includes a lightweight frame. This feature provides easy to fold and transport. And, you can fold it to a compact size to store comfortably and easily.

  • Accessory adapter:

Accessory adapter in BOB revolution SE Duallie stroller allows you to attach the seat adapter or snack tray quickly and easily.

  • Suspension system:

This revolution stroller includes a suspension system and you can adjust this suspension system and it gives a smooth ride for your children.

  • Storage options:

This revolution stroller provides various options for storage and it includes 4 interior pockets and 2 seat-back pockets. Moreover, it also has a hanging basket where you can store everything like bottles, snacks and etc.

  • Warranty:

You can get this BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller with 5 years limited warranty for frames in the stroller and 1 year warranty period for small parts and fabric in the products.

  • Package includes:

The BOB revolution SE Duallie stroller package comes with the following items.

  • BOB revolution SE Duallie Stroller (Orange)
  • Two canopies
  • Instruction guide



  • The BOB stroller is made out of waterproof material
  • It allows storing all things with different types of pockets
  • It gives a smooth ride for you and your children
  • The BOB stroller is designed to lock the front wheel to increase the stability
  • It is very easy to push things with toddlers in the stroller
  • You can fold it in two steps to store compact space


  • Handlebar in stroller is not adjustable
  • There is no adjustable footrest

Final words:

Do you want to buy a stroller with lots of storage options? Want to buy it for your 2 kids? Then I strongly recommend you to buy BOB Revolution SE Duallie stroller, orange.  This is a perfect choice for lazy parents!!


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