5 Best Promotional Products to Sell for Your Fundraising Campaign – 2021 Guide

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Running a successful fundraiser isn’t always easy. There are many things to consider when running a fundraising campaign such as your goal, the plan to reach the said goal, which product you’re going to use if you’re opting out for a product fundraiser, and so on. We’re going to focus on the latter today, a product fundraiser. We’re going to talk about which products are more suitable for which fundraiser, what you can expect from each product, and more. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

1. T-Shirts

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First off, we’re going to kick things off with some universally applicable product and custom t-shirts are just the perfect fit. To be fair, there’s nothing as popular as t-shirts and there are many reasons for it. First of all, as we’ve said, they are virtually great for any kind of fundraiser and are usually the first thing everyone thinks of. Another thing that is great about shirts is that they are useful and practical. What we mean is, when people buy the shirt, they can wear it for a long time which works out for both of you. They have a good, quality piece of clothing and you’ve got brand exposure for years to come.

It’s important however not to skimp out on t-shirts. It’s not all about the profit after all. If you don’t deliver on the quality you can forget about having another fundraiser in the future because you didn’t deliver the first time. Make sure you pick out quality materials, hypoallergenic if possible, leave enough time for design and manufacture beforehand, and so on. Also, have a variety of sizes – it’ll help you out a lot.

2. Popcorn

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Yes, popcorn. It might seem a little odd, but popcorn is a really popular option out there. It’s suitable for basically any kind of fundraiser. However, it’s mostly used for the smaller ones. The main reason behind that is that the popcorn isn’t that expensive. You cannot expect to sell it at an unreasonable profit margin or expect to sell tons of it, so, if you’re raising a larger amount of money, maybe some of our latter picks, like a brick fundraiser, will do the trick for you. With all that being said, popcorn does have a certain advantage you might not recognize right away. Popcorn is loved by almost everyone. Kids, adults, elderly folks – everyone loves it. You could even diversify it a bit – provide some butter, salt, chocolate, whatever you feel it would work.

Also, think outside of the box. You could set up a fundraiser at a local movie theatre where you’d sell popcorn and have people watch a movie. That’s guaranteed to boost some sales. But, keep in mind how messy things can get with the popcorn, no matter the setting, someone’s cleaning that mess up after, so make sure you think about that, too.

3. Bricks

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Brick fundraisers are some of the most popular products used for larger fundraisers or as a part of one. It’s usually popular with universities. There are a lot of factors that come into play here, but the main one is – most of us are nostalgic for our college days. Many universities have alumni that are tied to the university for a lifetime and what better way to be eternally connected to your university than having a custom engraved brick placed somewhere on campus.

University fundraisers tend to happen more often than the others and are often tied with some renovations or new construction on campus. That is why bricks are a really popular option when it comes to this. They leave a permanent mark from a donator, they are a high-quality product and they do bring a larger profit than the rest of the products you might use. Also, the placement of these bricks plays a large role. If you are able to place them in a spot where there’s a lot of general traffic, they will certainly draw more attention. If you want more detail on brick campaigns, you can view more on how to run a fundraising campaign.

4. Tiles

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This is another long-lasting, high-quality product that comes in handy if you run out of brick finding ideas. These can also be used for some larger-scale fundraiser or as a part of one, as it also offers a product that will stand its ground against time. As it is often the case with a product that is used for construction or renovation, it is a great way to leave your mark on a charitable cause other than the donation. If there’s a fundraiser for a shelter of sorts or some kind of public kitchen or even a renovation of a religious place, you can have your name plastered on the wall as a token of appreciation for your donation. High-quality machines and lasers are used nowadays to ensure that the engravings last a long time.

5. Food, treats, or toys for pets

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This one is evidently a very field-specific product, but a very effective one nevertheless. Whenever you have a fundraiser for an animal shelter, dog park, or any other animal-related projects, you can count on animal lovers’ support. Chances are, people who love animals, usually have pets or they know someone that does. Offering them food, treats or even toys for that matter will certainly perk their interests.

There are lots of things you can do here. You could have personalized toys with the names of pets engraved in them and loads of other stuff. Most pet owners want the best for their pets, so keep the quality high. Animal-related fundraisers are also a good opportunity to get in touch with others concerned with the subject and maybe collaborate on another fundraiser in the future.

Ultimately, whatever the product you opt-out for, the point is to provide quality and be realistic. Set realistic goals and don’t expect to raise several thousands of dollars from a school pizza (honorable mention) fundraiser. The key is to have the fundraiser for a good cause and have your product complement it in the best way possible. Hopefully, this list has provided you with some insight as to what might work best for which situation.