Best Poker Chips Set to Buy 2021


Do you and your crew enjoy regular poker nights? Perhaps you want to dazzle friends during poker night, or family during brunch with your poker skills?

Whatever the case, if you play poker regularly, it is crucial that you invest in the best tools of the game. These include high-quality cards and the best chips to make the game more professional and fun.

Many amateur players make poker chips sets for granted. Unless you want your guests to lump you in this group, you must never use cheap cards or pennies, M&Ms, pebbles, and paper clips as substitutes for chips.

Your poker nights and brunch face-offs will never get legendary as long as you use mediocre and improvised poker accessories. Here are five of the best poker chips and card sets that you can buy for yourself, or gift to a poker enthusiast in 2021.

1. Da Vinci Professional Poker Set


If you are looking for durable professional-quality poker chips, you cannot go wrong buying Da Vinci. It comes with 500 denominated casino-style chips made of composite resin clay. It feels great on your hands and makes the sweetest sound when splashed on the table.

The chips are standard 11.5-gram chips and come in uniquely colored denominations that will add excitement to every game. The versatile poker gambling set also features dealer buttons and five 18mm dice and two decks of cards.

The best thing about the Da Vinci Professional Poker Set is the heavy-duty aluminum carrying case. It is lockable and has a sturdy carrying handle. Inside it is stylish trays and a thick foam lining to protect the chips and the cards.

2. Trademark Chip Poker Set


The Trademark Poker Chip Set is the most popular brand in the market in 2020, for a good reason. It is perfect for both beginners and professionals, and the chips are designed to look a lot like what you would find in the casino.

If you are looking to turn your living room or basement into a Las Vegas casino, this complete poker set is all you need. Inside the durable aluminum case, you will find a total of 500 11.5-gram chips, two sets of playing cards, and poker buttons for Texas Hold’em.

The chips in this set are authentic casino-quality. They also look a lot like what you would find in top online casinos like The top-selling point of the Trademark Poker Chip Set is that you can use them in various other games aside from poker.

3. Fat Cat Clay Poker Set

A game of poker is a great way to pass the time and have fun. It is also an opportunity for the host to nurture enthusiasm and show off their prowess and style. The Fat Cat Clay Poker Set is made for enthusiasts and the fat cats hosting a poker game with up to ten players.

The set features 500 11.5-gram striped dice chips made from claytec and two decks of cards, this set is a perfect long-term investment. The best thing about Fat Cat’s poker chips is that they feature alternating stripes. This classic design gives them a sleeker and more professional look.

The set also includes big and little blinds and dealer buttons in a lockable assassin-like aluminum case with a tray organizer to keep your chips and cards in order. The elegant black interior is well padded to protect the chips and is sure to attract envious looks from players when you open it the first time.

4. Brybelly Poker Chip Set


Every poker chips set in this list has all the basics – cards and chips. If style matters to you, then the Brybelly Poker Chip Set housed in a wooden carousel case is just what you need. The stylish and classy case is splendidly designed and will draw the admiration of your poker mates when they see it the first time.

This set is perfect for a small group of players – four, perhaps five – because it has 200 blank chips of five colors. It also comes with two decks of high-quality cards guaranteed to make every game of poker you are hosting feel like an international tournament.

Brybell went above and beyond to design a splendid wooden case with a silver handle, but they did not compromise on the quality of the chips. The 11.5-gram chips are made of clay composite in an old-fashioned dual-tone design. The chips are beautifully stacked vertically on the dark-brown solid wood casing to give off a professional and systemic appearance.

5. Cardinal Industries Poker Set


Are you and your crew beginners to poker? Perhaps you are looking to start playing with your family members casually? If so, Cardinal Industries made this poker chips set just for players like you. This attractive yet affordable set comes with everything a poker enthusiast needs to host a professional-style game of poker.

The Cardinal Industries Poker Set comes with 200 blank 11.5-gram clay poker chips in four different colors and a dealer’s button. It also has instructions on how first-time players can use the chips and cards in a Texas Hold’em game.

The chips are made out of clay, so they are durable despite appearing dull. The dual-tone classic design of the chips stands out though and is worth the money. The best thing about this set is, the chips and card come in a stylish compact aluminum case with a sturdy handle for easy carrying.


There is a poker set for every level of poker game: from the professional player to the casual enthusiast. A game of poker is playable without a proper set of cards or any chips at all. However, the game is more fun and professional with both the accessories.

Regardless of the type of poker player or game host you are, a good set is necessary to ensure a fun game every time the gang comes over for a game. All the poker sets highlighted on this list also come with one or two dealer buttons to take the game to the next level.

As you prepare to host your next game of poker, which of these sets do you have your eyes on?


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