5 Best Outdoor Pool Tables for your Backyard – 2021 Buying Guide

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These days, there are so many different things you can implement in your home for entertainment. A huge TV in your living room, a pinball machine in the corner of your recreation room, or a trampoline in your backyard. All of these things I mentioned can be a great addition to your home, but if you want something a little bit more unique, you should probably consider an outdoor pool table for your backyard. It will take a much smaller amount of space and it can be fun for everyone.

Anyone who can grab and hold a cue can probably play billiard games. Those that do not know how to play billiard games can easily learn in just a couple of minutes and those who already know will have tons of fun. The best thing about this is that it can be used by two or even four people. Usually, when there are four players, they are split into two teams.

I assume that all of this sounds great to you, however choosing the right outdoor pool table might not be as easy as you thought. The market is oversaturated with thousands of unknown brands that promote products of bad quality. To ensure that people make the right decision and pick the right product, I decided to make this 2021 buying guide for outdoor pool tables.

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6ft

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I thought that I should start with a more affordable option. This product from Hathaway is a good choice because it costs only $400. With a discount here and there, you might grab it for even less. But, even if you do not manage to find a discount, $400 is pretty inexpensive. Especially when you consider the pricing of alternatives on the market that caused over $2000 or $3000.

Of course, with this price, there are some compromises. It is definitely not as tradable or made out of the same high-quality materials such as the one that cost several thousand dollars. It is also smaller with a length of 6 feet. Usually, these tables come at 8 feet or 8.5 feet.

So, yes, those are the compromises or disadvantages, but there are also several benefits. The first one is that you will save a lot of money on this purchase. But, you should also consider the fact that it is much more portable. It being only 6 feet of length makes it lighter and easier to carry it anywhere you want. I should also mention that the steel legs can be easily folded, making it even better for transportation.

Considering that it is also a bit shorter in height, it can also be used by children. It is up to you to decide whether this should be considered as a disadvantage or an advantage.

Hathaway Maverick 7ft

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Another great option that comes from Hathaway. The 7ft Maverick might be a better choice than Fairmont because of that one extra foot of length that you get. Making it a little bit closer to the real thing.

Of course, with that extra length, you are going to get, you also need to pay a little bit more. However, that extra bit of money is not that much. It seemed like it is at a constant discount which puts the price at $740. Obviously, that might change in the future.

It is almost $350 more than Hathaway’s other pool table, but I think it is worth the money. The materials are of much better quality and it is easy to assemble. Although, I do have to mention that it will not be as portable because the legs do not hold at all.

However, there is one unique feature to the Maverick and that is the ability to turn it from a billiard game to a ping-pong table. It is easily converted from one game to another with a board that needs to be placed over the surface of the pool table.

MightyMast Leisure Astral 7ft

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Now start to get into the products that are over the $1000 budget. Things are getting a little bit more premium, so get ready for these expensive prices.

The Leisure Astral 7ft by MightyMast can be found for around $1200, but it is at that price for a good reason. Unlike the previous two contenders, this one comes with an all-metal aluminum frame. In other words, it will never break no matter who or how they lean over it. It can withstand any kind of weight.

The legs are equipped with height-adjustable feet so it can be level even when placed on an uneven surface. The assembly is quite simple and will not take up too much of your time. With it, you also get 245 cm cues, one set of balls, a triangle, a waterproof cover, and some chalk for the cues.

Imperial Outdoor Pool Table 8ft

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This is the most expensive one on the list. Imperial costs around $3500. It is entirely made of aluminum that has a very high-quality tan coding making it very resistant to the outside elements. For $3500, you would expect that this comes assembled and yes, it does.

You will also be getting one extra foot in length, making it also the biggest outdoor pool table on this list. The bed is covered with a very high-quality tax on cloth which is waterproof. If you are interested in this product, you should read more about the materials that have been used.

It may be expensive, but the level of quality that you are going to get cannot be found on any of the other alternatives that are below $2000.

Outback 2.0 Slate Bed Pool Table 7ft

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For those that are looking for something a little bit more stylish while still maintaining a fair price, the Outback 2.0 is a perfect choice. Although, it might not be a fair price for everyone. It can be found for around $1700, but that is still much more affordable than some other options that cost way over $2000 or $3000.

This is a marine ply build that will endure any kind of weather. However, every single one of these I mentioned is perfect for backyards use because they can endure outside elements. Well, the first and most obvious benefit is that it objectively looks better than all the other products I mentioned. The style is a bit more modern. And, you also get an integrated ball return system which cannot be found in the other products.

I could go on with outdoor pool tables that cost well over $5000, but I do not see really the point in those. The increase in material quality is minimal, making the price difference unjustified. So, I suggest that you pick one of these five products I mentioned.