10 Best Nintendo Wii Games to Play in 2021

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Nintendo Wii is one of the best-selling video game consoles, released during 2006 and discontinued during 2013. Nintendo sold above 100 million units across the globe, and many people still own it. You cannot buy a new Wii console now, but you can play on your PC.

You will need an emulator, Nintendo Wii game ROMs that you can download from Gamulator.com, and then you can play all its amazing games. Which Nintendo Wii you should get to play on your device? Let’s find out the 10 best Nintendo Wii Game to play in 2021.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Nintendo fans admired and enjoyed Super Mario games for a long time. Nintendo Wii also featured this iconic character in the Super Mario Galaxy 2. People loved the first installment of it, and the second variant also got the same response.

It features impressive graphics, entertaining gameplay, and it is for all age groups. Mario is now traveling between galaxies in order to save Peach. You will enter many different worlds in those galaxies to complete your quests. The whole journey in this game is filled with exciting quests. That’s why it is our top choice.

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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You must download and play Thee Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princes if you love the action-adventure genre. Although it is the thirteenth installment of this series, the developers launched it, especially for Nintendo Wii.

The gameplay involves puzzle solving and a lot of action. Many exciting quests and unexpected twists make it more interesting to play. You will always get something new to try in the game, and your protagonist Link will get certain missions to protect his kingdom’s inhabitants from certain extinction.

The plot is pretty exciting, and you must get this game now if you want to explore the beauty and complexity of it.

Wii Sports

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Every Nintendo Wii owner had got this amazing game for free with Wii and Wii-mote. It is simple, entertaining, and equipped with beautiful graphics. It features many exciting sports games to play and create the highest score in the game.

It features games, including tennis, boxing, bowling, golf, and many others. You can open it and try your gameplay skills in each game. Kids loved it so much, and it improved their interest in many outdoor games. You can still play it whenever you organize house parties and gatherings.

Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2013

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It is an action-packed game that you play in a first-person perspective. Featuring various exciting missions, you control Jacob and Caleb’s characters to complete those missions. Both Jacob and Caleb are separated brothers, whose father died during a hunting quest, and both got separated.

The in-game events will take place after ten years of their father’s death. Now, both are on a mission to exterminate a maneater. You can switch between characters to complete the quest and kill the main villain in it.


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If you are someone interested in Japanese folklore and mythology, Okami is a wonderful Wii game for you. It is quite unique in many ways. Amaterasu is the main protagonist here, which is a Shinto goddess converted into a wolf in order to protect her world from dangerous darkness.

You will encounter many enemies here, which are based on the Japanese mythologies. There will be many platforming elements, puzzles, and action to keep you entertained throughout the journey. Exceptional graphics, alerting sounds, and flawless gameplay make it a wonderful choice for every player.

LEGO Lord Of The Rings

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This game is totally based on the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. Just like the movie, it features many epic adventures and all the prominent characters of the story. The journey initiates on the slopes of Mount Doom, and you follow the main protagonist Frodo Baggins and his mates in it.

It features many exciting missions, and some of them are quite dangerous. It performs really well on Nintendo Wii and also on modern devices such as PCs. You will get impressive graphics and sound quality along with some very exciting missions in it.

Mario Kart Wii

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It is a Kart Racing game that features Nintendo’s famous Mario. Many players call it one of the best kart racing game ever developed. It is quite similar to other Mario Kart games, but some amazing improvements, twists, and additions make it more entertaining.

Motion-sensing controls made it quite popular among users. The users used to play it with the WiiMote and Kart wheel to feel the thrill of racing a kart. It undoubtedly features amazing graphics and animations to keep you entertained.

Just Dance

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It is another unique game that Wii owners enjoyed for a long time. You need to hold the WiiMote and then dance to play it. It features a variety of pop hits to show your moves. You will copy the pro dancers shown on your screen to earn points and win the game.

A player, who performs the best moves, gains maximum points. The gameplay is pretty straightforward and exciting for dance lovers. You will end up learning some impressive dance steps for parties.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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The Super Smash Bros Ultimate got huge popularity across the globe, but players also admired Brawl. It was released for Nintendo Wii, and millions of players enjoyed it on their video game consoles.

Its unique and engaging gameplay forced players to sit in front of their screen for hours and play it. It still is quite entertaining, and you must give it a try if you want to play one of the best Wii games.

Zumba Fitness Core

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It is for energetic dancers. It includes salsa, Zumba, samba, reggae, and other forms of dance. You can open it and practice its dance moves. You will essentially practice cardio moves, which will improve your health and provide entertainment. It is an ideal Nintendo Wii game for fitness lovers.