4 Best Mattress For Heavy Person With Back Pain – 2021 Guide

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Mattresses are manufactured, keeping certain body types in mind. People of different sizes need a different level of comfort, and so to ensure that they get the desired support, various mattresses are produced. The firmness level is checked by is the mattress thick or firm? Certain materials used for the production of a mattress adds to the comfort level, and people with different body types will feel a higher level of comfort.

Mattress produced for distinct body types will not provide the required level of comfort to others. If your body weight is more than two hundred and thirty pounds, then a mattress that is of medium-firm level or highly-firm level can offer less strong support and conform less. Check out this guide to know the best alternatives for heavy people. They are one of the best options for heavy people. A healthy person prefers a mattress with a pillow-top that is ultra-soft as well. They can also choose to use a tatami mat, which is extra firm, or any other bed with a high comfort level.

Top Mattress Picks For Heavy People

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Recommendations are made from the feedback that people provide by using different available options. However, the ultimate judge is a consumer itself, that in which bed the individual feels more comfortable. The body type of each individual is distinct, and different one suit different body types. Four of the best choices for heavy people who have back pain are listed below.

The options mentioned are picked after trying several alternatives. Numerous mattress owners have verified, reviewed, and rated the mattress, and based on the decisions of the public, choices are picked. We repeat, body types are different, it is not mandatory that if person A feels comfortable in a particular mattress, person B will feel the same. Hence, decide the best from what suits you best.

Nectar Foam Medium Firm Mattress

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This mattress has three foam layers of memory that are believed to conform close to the body. It is why Nectar is a viable option for heavy people. People who are looking for a deep cradle that helps to relieve pressure as well can go for this option. Minimal conforming is the best for heavy individuals. This mattress is built with a technology that offers a sincere body hug. However, extreme shrinkage is prevented with a medium-firm feel.

Couples can also choose to buy Nectar mattresses. Movement is not transferred along the surface. Hence the partner doesn’t get disturbed. Individuals with back pain will find this mattress super comfortable.  They will get great comfort and support with this product from Nectar.

Titan Hybrid Firm Mattress

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Comfort layers of this product have pocketed durable coils and furnish excellent support for sleepers who weigh more than average. Heavy sleepers have a great alternative available with this choice of bed. This bedding is designed mainly for people whose weight is more than Two hundred and thirty pounds. Memory foam infused with gel, and another layer of foam from Titanflex is used. The Titanflex foam has responsiveness that is just like that of latex and provides added bounce.

All hot sleepers should use this product from Titan since the coils used to promote the steady circulation of air due to which the product is capable of maintaining temperature. The surface is kept cool, no matter how much heat the individual produces. It also helps to isolate motion as well as compared to other options of hybrid. It is an affordable choice as well as compared to other options.

Saatva HD

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This mattress has robust foams, thick hourglass coils, responsive latex, etc. This product from Saatva HD is believed to deliver exceptional support and comfort to all its users. Sleepers who are looking for a night of sound sleep and are substantial as well should buy this incredible option. Talalay latex is used in this product to add an extra layer of comfort. They have some of the latest models designed specifically for people who weigh heavily. It provides a firm feeling and also includes an added foam-padded layer. It feels like a pillow-top for people looking for an added layer of cushioning at the surface. This one has less sinkage, even if you sleep or sit at the edges. Generally, on beds that have weak edge support, heavy people feel that they are less stable. But this is the best on the contrary.

It is a bit more expensive than other hybrid options available. However, a free white glove delivery service is offered by Saatva on all their orders. It will also keep a check on isolating the motion between partners.

Helix Plus Hybrid Firm Mattress

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With a unique hybrid design, this mattress is the best for heavy people. Helix plus is a very famous brand for producing mattresses at affordable rates. This one is also quite an affordable choice for all sleepers who crave sound sleep. It has a layer of foam that is of very high density, and coils are thick pocketed to offer additional support. It is a viable choice for co-sleepers who generally get awakened by the motion of their partner. It is a durable choice that is expected to last for at least seven years.

This is a supportive enough option for people who weigh more than Two hundred and thirty pounds and have back pain. All people who sleep on their sides will consider this one as a firm mattress. Helix plus is a brand with a very affordable range of mattresses, and this one is also the best. An affordable option than other alternatives for people with back pain. It has well-balanced contouring for people who usually sleep on their back or stomach.

The Bottom Line

With adequate bedding accessories, heavy sleepers can ensure a great sleep. Not only the bed, but other accessories also contribute to good sleep. Consider numerous factors while shopping for a mattress. You have a plethora of prospects to choose from.


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