Best Laptops for Remote Learning


Having a laptop is one of the most important things for a student, mostly since schools and colleges have adopted the distant learning methodologies. Most academic institutions have deemed a laptop a mandatory tool required for learning. It provides them with the freedom and the flexibility to work on their academic courses from anywhere in the world. Although most universities have computer labs that scholars can easily access, having a personal computer can add immense value to their learning process. Not only will they be able to work on their courses anytime, but they can also store valuable information on their computers and look back at their studies anytime.

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Do you really need a laptop for online studying?


The study methodologies have changed over the years, and more and more students now are opting for online lessons over traditional methods as it helps save time. It also allows for flexibility and can be taken freely from anywhere globally; thus, many international students now have easy access to global degrees, thanks to online learning. With online learning, however, students must own a computational device such as a laptop.

Other devices such as smartphones or e-devices, such as iPads or Notebooks, can come in handy while taking online lessons. Still, they can dampen the learning experience a bit since it can be quite challenging to complete the course assignments on such devices. These e-devices also often lack the computational processing speed of a laptop.

Some scholars can debate whether to get a laptop vs. desktop for college. While desktops can have more processing power and do some of the heavy work that laptops cannot, most academicians will agree that laptops are better for school work since they allow for portability and are easy to set up. Some schools even indulge students in various creative activities on their PCs. It also helps them keep track of their school work and assignments. As such, owning one of the best laptops for online schooling is not only beneficial but also mandatory.

How to choose a laptop for remote learning

A PC is of the utmost importance for scholars. However, this is not a luxury that everyone can afford. It can be difficult for all students to afford expensive computers since most of them are pressed for money and often operate on a limited budget. Thankfully, there are several budget options out there that can benefit the users extremely. Here are some of the factors to consider before getting a laptop for remote learning.

1. Processors


Processors are the most significant determinants of how well your PC performs. You may benefit from getting one with a processor of Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 or one with an AMD A series. The higher the processor, the costlier your computer will be but keep in mind that the higher the processor, the faster your computer will process the data you feed it. Make sure you get one that can keep up with you.

2. Hard Drive


Hard Drive refers to the amount of storage space. If you have several papers and essays you work on regularly and have a large reserve of books, you may wish to get a computer with ample hard disk space. However, if that isn’t one of the priorities for you, you can opt for one with a lower space.

3. RAM


RAM refers to a computer’s memory, and the more RAM it has, the better it can perform and work on several tasks simultaneously. It’s best to opt for a laptop with ample RAM to help process your data faster.

What is the best laptop for online students?

Here are some of the best laptops for distance learning that laptop learners can benefit from.

1. Asus Chromebook Flip C434


The Asus Chromebook Flip is available for less than $500, an affordable price for students, and provides ample benefits at a low price point. It has a large display that can flip 360 degrees, which can come in handy for students. The PC sports several features such as a 10-hour battery life, 14-inch 1080p touchscreen, 4 GB RAM, Intel Core M3-8100Y Processor, and 64 GB eMMC Storage.

2. Lenovo Chromebook Duet


Another excellent option for scholars is the Lenovo Chromebook Duet that features a 4 GB Ram, MediaTek P60T Processor, and 1 28 GB Hard Disk Space. This sports touchscreen features as well, and at less than $300, this is one of the best budgets buys available in the market that performs incredibly well.

3. MacBook Air


This one is a bit expensive, starting at $999, but you get one of the best laptops currently available for the price point. Working on this sleek laptop may be just what scholars need to write an inspirational essay or complete their dissertation in record time. It features a great battery life, 8-core GPU, Apple M1 Chip, Retina Display, and a 256 GB PCIe-based SSD. If you can afford it, this may be the best one for you.

4. HP Envy 13


Finishing off the list is the HP Envy 13 with enough power to handle all your college assignments and still have enough battery left to watch a movie. It costs less than $1000 and delivers up to 11 hours of battery. You can choose from the base FHD version with Core i5 processor or a 4K model with Core i7 CPU.

Scholars can benefit from having a durable and reliable PC that can handle their school projects with efficiency. These laptops can last you a long time when taken care of and make your overall learning experience better.


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