7 Best Books for Learning Spanish in 2021

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Are you a bookworm or someone who is constantly trying to learn new languages?

Upgrading your general knowledge and stepping up your book game is a must-do in 2021, especially if you are in lockdown and you don’t know what to do with yourself, or your free time.

If you have some time to spare and you’ve always wanted to visit Spain or learn the Spanish language, keep on reading!

In this article, we will recommend our top 7 best books that will speed up your learning process!

Is it hard to learn Spanish and should I give it a go?

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The Spanish language is the easiest and most common go-to language for English speakers. People love it because of its wide reach. Another reason why you might enjoy learning it and you might find it easy to learn is because Spanish is a phonetic language – its words are pronounced the way that they’re spelled. There are also some of the best Spanish courses in Barcelona that can help you perfect your Spanish, or you can learn online, with the help fo a tutor, or with a book!

Where to learn Spanish? What are my options?

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Aside, from our top 7 books that we will recommend down below, you can also learn Spanish in some schools. You can actually learn Spanish in Barcelona in just a couple of sessions and intense courses! One of the best schools is Expanish since they offer multi-classes and private lessons for you to attend. They are also located in Barcelona, only 20 minutes away from La Sagrada Familia. If you wish to know a bit more, you can see more information here!

It’s important to have a goal in mind when you learn. Do you envisage a future career as a Spanish translator? Or would you simply like to visit a Spanish-speaking country and not have to constantly rely on others to translate Spanish to English and English to Spanish for you? You can click here for more information on how to learn Spanish effectively, while we dive into the best books to help you learn.

Top 7 best books that will help you learn Spanish

1. Practice Makes Perfect Complete Spanish Grammar

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This is a 350-page workbook that will easily cover most of your grammar rules. There are also some examples and free online audio recordings to practice with ease. If you are a beginner and you have no experience or knowledge of the Spanish language, this is a great starting point!

This book is available in the booking form, or you can get it on your Kindle, iPad, or Android and enjoy the audio and e-book version whenever you feel like it.

2. Oxford Picture Dictionary English – Spanish

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If you want a bilingual dictionary – you will love this book! You will enjoy its illustration as well as the contextual drawings. The book is organized in 12 themes that you can enjoy, plus you get to choose from themes such as people, home, food, recreation, job, etc.

Just reading one page a day will be enough as well as practical & beneficial for your knowledge. No reason to read more than this.

3. See It And Say It In Spanish

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This is a book that will help you learn Spanish with the help of pictures. There are two unique ways to learn this language, and that is with the use of specific techniques to help you integrate your new vocabulary. You will enjoy its line drawing method that teaches you a word by instantly drawing it.

The best perk about this book is that it is super affordable and easy to find in stores as well as online + it is loads of fun!

4. Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Conversation

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Do you agree with this saying? Practice makes everything perfect? Well, as long as you are persistent and eager to learn, you will master the Spanish language!

This book will train you with some real-world examples and engaging exercises. Twelve different units will present a realistic situation in your everyday lives, or formal gatherings like going out to date, etc.

Each chapter has a dialogue + different exercises will help you form a sentence!

5. Living Language Spanish, Complete Edition

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This is one of the most-known and highly-sold books in the world (when it comes to books about the Spanish language). There are 3 different books for you to purchase (for a beginner, an intermediate, and an advanced learner). You will get 9 CDs (three for each level).

It is a well-organized book that has different chapters that you will enjoy reading.

The more progress you make, the harder the chapters (as well as the CDs).

6. Spanish Novels: Muerte en Buenos Aires

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Are you into novels that have a slight detective or spy vibe to them? This novel takes place in Buenos Aires. You will love its shorter chapters since they are easy to follow as well as understand. The entire book is written in a simple grammar, as well as with simple vocabulary.

You will learn how to greet people and talk to your friends through this e-book. One chapter per day is our recommended pace if you wish to talk fluently in no time!

7. A Second Spanish Reader: A Dual-Language Book

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Last, but not least, there is this dual-language book. We really love this one since it is so unique and different when compared to other models. How & why? Well, one page of this book is written in Spanish and one page is written in English. You will love it since its English page is a translation of the previous page which you read in Spanish. How cool is that?

There are different plays, as well as lyrics that you can learn and read about. However, this book is most suitable for intermediate to advanced Spanish learners, so it may not be the best beginner-friendly option.

Ready for your next big Spanish lesson, or book?

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So, are you ready to dive into the world of Spanish novels? Or are you still a beginner and you would rather settle with a simple dictionary? Our top 7 recommended books will suit most people (intermediate speakers), as well as some beginners. Find a book that speaks to you the most, or consider joining a book club. In the end, you could also attend some Spanish teaching classes, the choice is up to you!