5 Best Baitcasting Rods Under $100 – Buying Guide (2020)

Shopping for a good and reliable baitcast rod can be such a challenging task as there are several fishing rods available for anglers both professional and amateurs.

However, a good and quality fishing rod would always improve the performance of a good angler but a poor quality rod would definitely hinder the performance of a good angler so one needs to be extremely careful when finding the right one.

Some of the factors to consider include:

  1. The action of the rod
  2. Power of the rod
  3. Grip and Handle
  4. Line guides
  5. Reel seat
  6. Blank materials

Without wasting much of your time, come with us and meet the models that we have rounded up which would match your one hundred dollar budget.

5. Fiblink 4 Pieces Travel Casting Rod

fiblinkMade using high-quality carbon material, this baitcasting fishing rod boasts of tremendous strength despite being lightweight.

maximum comfort is guaranteed when using this high-quality baitcasting rod as its handle boasts of a special grip design and it will work effectively during any fishing adventure as it boasts of a tough carbon fiber construction combined with high strength.

Other notable features of this baitcasting reel include; high-grade material cork, ceramic inserts, stainless steel frames, steel hoods which are resistant to corrosion and many more.


  1. very strong
  2. works effectively
  3. great handle design
  4. attractive
  5. easy to use


  1. product arrived broken
  2. low rod power than expected

4. Entsport E-Series Sirius 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod

This is one of the best baitcasting rod and another quality product from Entsport as it is made using carbon blanks with high tensile strength which helps in reducing weight.

One impressive feature which is associated with this baitcasting rod is its top quality inserts and stainless steel design which makes this rod resistance to corrosion as well as helping to transfer vibrations from the line to the rod then direct to the hand.

Some noticeable and impressive features associated with this rod include a unique hook keeper together with a multipurpose hook and its handle is made using high-density EVA which helps in reducing weight, providing comfort, durability and sensitivity


  1. Lightweight but extremely strong
  2. Despite being lightweight, this rod doesn’t give up on its sensitivity
  3. Great customer service and great delivery service
  4. Affordable


  1. Not as strong as described as its rings are made using candy wrapper
  2. Longer than expected

3. Entsport Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod 

Entsport Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod Made using top quality carbon material, the Entsport cam baitcasting fishing rod is designed to be solid and strong and it also boasts of a corrosion-proof stainless steel design which makes it resistant to corrosion and rust.

Maximum comfort is guaranteed together with a firm grip when using this quality baitcasting rod thanks to its EVA split design and it also comes with a well-shaped and well-designed reel seats which have openings for better contact with the fingers.

Fatigue is something you don’t have to worry about as this rod features a lightweight design that allows you to use it for long hours.


  1. Great and fast delivery service
  2. Features a suitable length for casting
  3. Sturdy which makes it durable


  1. A cheaply made baitcasting rod

2. Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning RodIncreased sensitivity and added strength are some of the benefits that come with using the Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod.

One advantage that comes with using this top quality rod is it ensures excellent performance for anglers of different levels and skills.

This rod is made using 35 percent graphite material which makes it lightweight without compromising its toughness and it also boasts of a cork handle design which provides you with a comfortable and smooth grip that would make you fish for hours.

It is recommended for any type of fishing braid which is why it is considered as a very versatile product and it comes backed with a seven-year warranty thanks to its top quality and original materials used in construction.


  1. Recommended for saltwater fishing
  2. Despite being lightweight, this rod is also sturdy which makes it very durable
  3. A nice fishing rod which delivers great performance and quality
  4. Extremely sensitive


  1. Out of balance

1. Piscifun Torrent Casting Rod

Piscifun Warrior Casting Rod Portable Baitcasting Fishing Rod Fast Action Baitcast Rod Baitcaster

If you are new to fishing and you need a good baitcasting rod then the PISCIFUN torrent casting rod is all you need.

It isn’t just designed for fishing but for other activities like cranking, drop-shooting, pitching, frog fishing and more and it boasts of the combination of fiberglass and graphite materials in production which makes it completely durable and long-lasting.

Balance is what you would experience when holding on to this rod thanks to its lightweight design and this lightweight design helps to get rid of fatigue. It also ensures that your hand remains in range while its sensitive tip enables you to improve catch rate and time your hook properly.


  1. Comes with a great handle that makes fishing easy
  2. Casts well and easily
  3. Its line isn’t heavy or thick and this makes it ideal for ocean fishing
  4. Doesn’t cause you to bleed out

Conclusion – What You Should Know

Baitcasting rods are very important fishing gears that every angler must have and the rods listed above prove to have great casting ability, boost accuracy and would deliver the desired fishing results which are why they are rated among the best today.

These fishing rods are extremely durable, possess great power for pulling up even the biggest fish so feel free to go for anyone today and start enjoying all the benefits that it brings.

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