Best Snare Drums Under $200 – Buying Guide (2021)

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The snare drum design is made of metal wires and two heads. The wires give the drum its unique sharp sound. The contact between the wires and the bottom drum head can be adjusted with the use of a lever attached to the drum. This lever is called ‘the strainer’. With this strainer, the sound produced by the snare can be made stronger or weaker depending on your choice.

Like any other instrument, before you purchase your snare drum there are certain things you should look out for:

The sound you are looking for

Different materials will offer different tones; warm, high or flat. Two common types of woods used for snare drum construction are birch and maple but maple is known to produce a full tone. Birch also produces a nice bright tone but it is not as commonly used as the maple.

Size of your drum

The standard size for most snare drums is 14 inches. This generally affects its tone making it deliver a full and cutting tone. The size of the drum is directly proportional to the fullness of the tone produced. But the increase in size can also affect the clarity of sound.

Your budget

This should be the first priority when purchasing any instrument. Most snare drums can be a little expensive most especially if you are setting up from scratch. But then if you intend to drum for a long time, it is worth it.

Here are the top 5 best snare drums under 200 available today:

5. Firecracker Snare Drum by Griffin|Soprano Popcorn 10″ x 6″ Poplar Wood Shell & Black Hickory PVC

Firecracker Snare Drum by Griffin|Soprano Popcorn 10" x 6" Poplar Wood Shell & Black Hickory PVCThis 10”x 6” snare drum delivers astonishing, punchy sound when struck. Every spot on the head of this drum delivers a great sound. It can be used as a primary or secondary snare drum and is suitable for different styles of music like; gospel, rock and more. It is a soprano drum and offers a different type of rich sound higher than a piccolo snare drum or any other regular snare. It features six extra tuning lugs that are durable and won’t break.

This snare’s tension can be loosened or tightened to your preference. It can also be muted easily without having to worry whether the strainer will loosen as you play.  It also comes with a drum key.

Overall, this is a nice instrument and comes at a very reasonable price.

4. Griffin Snare Drum | Poplar Wood Shell 14″ x 5.5″

The griffin snare drum is a perfectly designed drum with poplar wood construction. It offers powerful and nice overtones. It is suitable for any genre of music including; gospel, funk, punk and even rock. It also produces that punchy sound that compliments your playing immensely.

It has a beautiful shell wrap and a high-gloss finish. It is a perfect choice for both professionals and beginners. With a dimension of 14 inches by 5.5 inches and a weight of 6 pounds, this snare drum can be used conveniently as either a secondary snare drum or a primary snare drum.

The drum head has a transparent bottom and a white-coated head top. Equipped with a smooth drum throw off that guarantees a top-notch performance, this drum can be muted, and its tension adjusted easily to your taste without having to worry about it failing. It also features a drum key and eight tuning lugs that ensure stability and an amazing sound.

This drum will be a good addition to your drum collection.

3. New Student Snare Drum Set

New Student Snare Drum SetThis set features a 14-inch chrome metal snare drum, a double-braced stand (the type you find with more expensive brands), adjustable snare strainer, rubber practice pad and drum sticks. It also comes with a carrying bag. The  New Student Snare Drum Set offers a loud sound and is quite cheap.

The snare stand that comes with this set is meant for someone sitting to play and not standing. You can also turn off the snare with a lever at the side of the drum. When the snare is turned on, it sounds like a marching drum and when the snare is turned off it kind of sounds like a ‘tom-tom’. This could serve a good purpose especially when you are trying to play without generating a loud sound. The stand is sturdy and has a nice balance so that it doesn’t budge as you play. This product also comes at a reasonable price.

The only downsides are that; the practice pad has a foul smell and this is because it is a petroleum rubber but this foul smell will fade away with time.

The snare stand is not adjustable and this can be a disadvantage for a tall player.

2. ADM Student Snare Drum Set

The ADM Student Snare Drum Set is high quality and responsive snare drum for beginners. It has a dimension of 14”x 5.5”. This snare drum set also comes with a stand, practice pad of rubber material, drum key that can be used for tuning, and wooden drum sticks. They all come with a bag with straps and handle that makes it easy and convenient to move components around.

With the strap that comes with this snare drum, you can play standing. This snare drum has a great construction with chrome and a nickel finish. It is also sensitive. It is quite sturdy and also delivers a nice sound. The stand that comes with this snare drum is easy to use, the pieces are easy to assemble and can be adjusted to a maximum height of 2.5 feet.

The snare drum has strong metal fittings with its tension rod and lugs at the right tension. Although it is a beginner student drum, it can also work well for someone who has been playing the drums for a while.

The snare wires produce a nice bright sound that is not muffled. This snare drum set comes at an affordable price.

1. GP Percussion SK22 Complete Student Snare Drum Kit

This kit features a 14” snare drum with a metal shell. It also comes with a double-braced stand, drumsticks of wooden material, drum key that can be used to tune the drum and a practice pad made of rubber. This practice pad helps shut out the sound of the drum while you practice at home. The snare drum has a height of 5.5 inches. It also comes with a bag with a handle and straps.

It is a good quality drum and comes at an affordable price. It delivers a crisp and sharp snare drum sound. You can buy this for a child to learn the drums and it can also come in really handy at a gig.

Bestseller No. 1
Mendini Student Snare Drum Set with Gig Bag, Sticks, Stand and Practice Pad Kit, Black, MSN-1455P-BK
  • 14-inch x 5.5-inch student snare drum
  • 30-inch snare stand with 10 lugs (standard size as it is meant for adults or students to sit by.)
  • Rubber practice pad to mute the drum's sound
  • Includes: padded gig bag, sticks, and adjustable neck-strap
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects
Bestseller No. 2
Eastar 14"X 5.5" Snare Drum Set for Kids Students Beginners Kit with Drum Sticks, Snare Drum Stand,...
  • Eastar Snare Drum Set: a drum set for beginner practice and advanced learning, has everything you want, snare drums, sticks, stands, snare drum bag, mute pads, you don't need to worry about buying anything else.
  • High quality snare drum: 10 lugs snare drum with tighter skin for improved snare tone,. The snare comes with an internal overtone felt that can be manually adjusted to reduce the overtones of the snare, resulting in a cleaner playing sound. Best Tone.
  • Extra high snare stand: the maximum playing height is 43inch/110cm, you can play standing or sitting, suitable for both indoor and outdoor practice, the stand can be folded down and stowed into the snare bag, portable.
  • The silicone mute pad can be placed on the drum skins to reduce the sound by up to 80% when practicing, so it won't disturb your neighbors or family.
  • After years of research, Eastar has developed a set of practical experience in snare drum making. These include the thickness of the snare body, the angle of the edges, the number of polishing cycles, and the height of the edges, all of which affect the actual sound of the snare.
Bestseller No. 3
Hal Leonard Snare Drum Method: The Musical Approach to Snare Drum for Band and Orchestra (CAISSE...
  • Softcover with CD
  • 64 pages
  • Size: 12" x 9"
  • Author: Rick Mattingly
  • ISBN: 634036424
Bestseller No. 4
Glory Snare Drum With Sticks, and Strap, for Beginners and Students, Black Color- Click to Choose...
  • 14"X5.5 is perfect for students
  • This snare drum comes with sticks, tuning key and strap
  • The construction of this drum is extremely well made with chrome and nickel
  • Perfect for the Beginner Drum Player or anyone interested in starting the Drum
  • Approved and recommended by teachers
Bestseller No. 5
Glory Snare Drum With Sticks, and Strap, for Beginners and Students, Red Color- Click to Choose More...
  • 14"X5.5 is perfect for students
  • This snare drum comes with sticks, tuning key and strap
  • The construction of this drum is extremely well made with chrome and nickel
  • Perfect for the Beginner Drum Player or anyone interested in starting the Drum
  • Approved and recommended by teachers

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