5 Best Off Road Remote Control Car – Buying Guide (2020)

One gift that any child would accept and enjoy playing with is a remote control car and even most adults love RC cars and similar vehicles as it helps to boost problem-solving skills, imagination and creativity.

However, these remote control cars also help to boost cognitive and psychomotor development in every child and that contributes to why most parents love getting them for their kids.

To make selecting the best for your kid-less stressful, take a minute to look at this review as we take you to meet the best models that we have rounded up just to make the search easier for you.

5. SZJJX RC Rock Off-Road Vehicle 2.4Ghz 4WD High Speed 1:18

One of the numerous impressive features that the SZJJX RC rock off-road remote radio control car comes with is a top-quality ABS material construction which makes it suitable for climbing.

Thanks to its powerful bi-motor, this quality ride runs easily on grass, sand, marshy surfaces without finding movement difficult.

Durability is assured when it comes to the SZJJX RC off-road remote control car thanks to its stable structure design which helps to provide protection from crash and abrasion while its four-wheel-drive design helps to promote better stability and a faster ride.

Its inner simulation design would wow every kid and it also comes with PVC rubber wheels that are resistant to shock, elastic and soft and would glide on any surface.


  1. Decent range, long-lasting battery and rugged design
  2. Runs fast and can be set up easily
  3. Simplified remote control system for growing kids


  1. The product comes defective right out of its package
  2. Poor quality battery as it doesn’t last up to five minutes
  3. Comes with wheels that are wrongly wired

4. RC 4WD Remote Control Car – 360 Flip RC Car

Featuring a rugged and impressive car design, the RC 4WD kids remote control car can do 360-degree tricks, flip and spin and it is also considered as one of the toughest remote control cars for kids.

Kids would fall in love with this top-rated remote control car as it boasts of a two-sided driving design which can be used as an advantage in crushing lower vehicles off the road using its flip design and heavy-duty rubber tires.

The RC 4WD kid’s remote control car can be played with on any terrain whether outdoor or indoor and it can also be used as the ideal gift for a birthday or other occasion for all kids.

However, it also comes with a charger cable and rechargeable batteries for extra power and long hours of fun.


  1. Sturdy construction while its torque and speed will impress kids
  2. Best Christmas gift ever
  3. Bouncing, flipping and jumping design would thrill every kid
  4. Ideal stunt ride for kids which boasts of durable features

3. Simrex A130 RC Cars High-Speed 20mph Scale RTR Remote Control Brushed Monster Truck

Kids would find the Simrex A130 Remote Control Monster Truck very easy to play with as it boasts of a pistol-style transmitter whose full function is to stop the car, turn left, forward, right and reverse and this in turn also makes it easy for a child as young as five years old to control this car.

Its 1/16 scale detailed design gives it an exact desert buggy outward design and one other impressive feature that this highly-rated off-road remote control car comes with is a 2.4GHz transmitter control system which doesn’t only ensure that this car is ready for any race but also ensures it experiences a hitch-free radio interference.


  1. Can be used as the ideal gift for kids
  2. Very easy to play with and handle
  3. Delivers up to four hours of play when filled with electricity power


  1. The ride starts feeling apart after few hours of use

2. Blexy RC Car 1/20 Scale High-speed Remote Control Car Off-Road

Rabing RC Car scale high speed remote control car off roadFeaturing semi-pneumatic and rubber tires, the Blexy RC high-speed remote control off-road car comes with a lot of flexibility and its elastic and soft PVC material construction makes this car rides faster even on terrains with an uneasy surface as its tires boast of a strong grip, high friction and anti-skid property.

Its 1:20 scales and inner simulation model would certainly thrill and excite every kid while its 2.4GHz frequency provides the superior anti-jamming ability.

It also boasts of an ABS material construction which promotes good anti-throw ability and also makes climbing a less stressful and convenient task.


  1. Compact, flexible and easy to control makes it the kiddies choice
  2. Solid appearance makes it attractive
  3. Very fast and easy to ride


  1. The battery takes a long time to get charged

1. RC Cars, All Terrain Remote Control High-Speed Car Offroad 2.4Ghz

Well designed to run on all kinds of terrain, the RC remote control high-speed off-road car would glide smoothly on mud, puddle, grass, open road, tile and carpet surfaces and all the fun it brings makes it the best gift you can give to any kid.

Specially designed for play both outdoor and indoor, this well designed remote control off-road ride would leave unwanted markings on the wall on any furniture.

Thanks to the combination of 380 motor and 4.8V battery, this ride generate high speed when riding while its S-truck suspension technology with 2.4GHz transmitter makes it durable, strong and delivers superior off-road performance.


  1. Car rides amazingly fast
  2. Easy to use and control works excellently in tall grass regions
  3. Highly responsive and very quick


  1. Poor performance when it comes to turning at angles

Conclusion – What You Should Know

listed above are the best remote control cars and we hope that after going through this review you would be able to select the best that would provide fun moments for your little one.

All the products listed in this review are extremely durable, boasts of features that would thrill your kid and we urge you to carefully go through each and every product listed here in order to select the best for your kid.

SaleBestseller No. 1
SZJJX RC Cars Off-Road Remote Control Car Trucks Vehicle 2.4Ghz 4WD Powerful 1: 18 Racing Climbing...
  • Quality protection rack: Fixed with dozens of screws to ensure the RC car firm and durable; and with high-quality Imported raw materials to extend the life of the vehicle; more ruggedness and crashworthiness; with direction spinner in the bottom, can adjust the car automatically when it not Walking a straight line.
  • Four wheels are installed independent suspension spring let cross-country car body more flexible and played shockproof function, protect electronic components inside the car body; rubber tires material is made of high quality PVC material, soft and elastic can be adjusted based on the road; driving fast earthquake-resistant on uneven terrain, tire tread obvious: high friction, grip Extremely strong skid resistance, doesn't fear the slippery road skid.
  • Have strong motor installation, before and after the four wheel drive for climbing Car can provide strong power torque Significantly make the car easy to complete difficult moves.
  • The rubber tires, tire rubber material is made of high quality PVC material is soft and elastic can be adjusted based on the road and driving fast earthquake-resistant on uneven terrain, tire tread obvious: high friction, grip Extremely strong skid resistance, Does not fear the slippery road skid.
  • Cool controller works on 2. 4GHz (similar remote control cars only have Tri-Channel). gives increased control distance and multiple cars can be played with at the same time.
SaleBestseller No. 2
BEZGAR Remote Control Car, 1:14 Aluminium Alloy Off Road Large Size Kids High Speed Fast Racing...
  • Large Size Remote& Super-Speed Control Car: The scale of the remote-control car currently in the market is about 1: 18 , in order to provide a more realistic racing car and better cross-country racing experience, we have increased the vehicle size to a 1: 14 scale with a better car styling and a vivid color design. With powerful built-in motors, the speed reaches up to 20-25 km/h, which makes the car race faster than others
  • Non-jamming Performance: The remote-control car has a wireless control system which runs in a 2.4 Ghz Frequency. What it does is that it can offer a stable signal and it has an non-jamming function which allow multiple users play at the same time
  • Convenient & Safe: USB charging line gives great convenience for charging the RC car. The USB charger for the battery has several functions such as overcharge protection and short circle protection, to a large extent this can help to avoid accident like battery catch on fire which increase the safety. In addition, two original battery packs allow you to experience a longer and uninterrupted gaming time
  • Durable Material: This remote-control car main body is made of alloy material which ensuring it has a strong collision resistance and a strong shockproof body that won't break if it falls from high altitude. The front and rear of the body have strong crash-proof bumper to effectively protect the body and frame, whether it's speeding on a wide field, crashing or rolling over in a narrow terrain the body will not be damaged
  • Brand new upgrade: We have made some improvements to the car since May 6, and now we have installed lights for it, making the appearance more cool, let ’s start the fun of racing together.
Bestseller No. 3
DEERC DE45 RC Cars Remote Control Car Off Road Monster Truck,1:16 Metal Shell 4WD Dual Motors LED...
  • 4X4 1:16 SCALE RC OFF-ROAD ROCK CRAWLER: The 4 wheels drive remote control car is equipped with a high-quality metal shell, the trim knob to direction control, dual motors power can climb 45° that excellent to climb over objects indoor/outdoor, and the simulation cockpit will bring a more realistic car and better cross-country experience. It is the best choice for any level monster RC trucks enthusiast.
  • 2 RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES EXTENDED RUNNING TIME: Equipped with TWO 3.7V/1200mAh high-quality rechargeable batteries, you can enjoy the fun of driving for about 90 mins time (45 min for each battery) which depends on the operation. The USB charging cable will give great convenience for charging the RC car. DON'T STOP THE GREAT MOMENTS.
  • INDEPENDENT SIGNAL NO INTERFERENCE: Equipped with a 2.4GHz remote control system what it does is that it can offer a stable signal and it has a non-jamming function. It can prevent signal interference when multiple vehicles playing at the same time. The control distance is about 165ft. Which enables your kids and their friends to play together, sharing together. It is a great off-road monster truck for indoor and outdoor.
  • EXCELLENT ANTI-CRASH & ANTI-SLIP DRIVING EXPERIENCE: The four wheels are all packed with anti-slip tires and the shock absorbers which gives support to unexpected dropping and the unstable surface of the ground. The front of the body has an anti-collision car bumper to effectively protect the body and frame that allow you to drive the RC car in all terrains like beach, sand, rock or concrete road.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE RC CAR TOY GIFTS: Each detail show our product more fun. This DEERC RC car with LED Headlight that you will be the focus of the people. Wherever you can play. Put your work on hold, go out with your kids, and enjoy family time. The perfect 4WD RC toy is a must-have gift for the birthday or any festivals.
SaleBestseller No. 4
IMDEN Remote Control Car, Terrain RC Cars, Electric Remote Control Off Road Monster Truck, 1:18...
  • POWERFUL SPEED: This remote control truck is designed with durable, strong and powerful components to provide you the realistic racing and off-road game experience. It has the speed of 30 mph powered by a 390 brushed motor. This will be a great mini off-road toy car specially made outdoors entertainment at the park, beach and camping activities.
  • SUPERIOR CONTROL EXPERIENCE: With a range of up to 260 feet and highly responsive steering and throttle, the ergonomic transmitter of the radio remote control car ensures superior control.
  • STRONG SHOCKPROOF RESISTANCE: The four wheels consist of bouncing spring materials which give support to unexpected dropping and the unstable surface of the ground, make you enjoy the toy car for a longer period of time. Four-wheel drive and full four-direction control also enable actions like racing forward or backward and turning left or right.
  • HEAVY DUTY WHEELS: It has durable and well-designed tires spikes and wheels to provide high speed and stable running performance. It can be moved by the motor smoothly which is supported by bouncing spring materials to enhance performance.
  • POWERED WITH RECHARGEABLE 7.4V BATTERIES: Using the original battery on fully charged condition, it will last up to 20-30 minutes on a non-stop operation, plus we include an extra original battery to extend playtime up to 20-30 minutes more.
Bestseller No. 5
DEERC RC Cars 1/12 Scales Remote Control Car 4WD Off Road Rock Crawler,2.4GHz All Terrain Monster...
  • 【4x4 1:12 Scales Large Off Road Cross Country RC Truck】This 4 wheel driving car is ready to run with anti-skid rubber tires, shock absorber and front and rear suspension system, whether it is sand, mud, stone rugged mountain roads. 1: 12 big scale and durable design give you endless entertainment from off-road and on-road environments. Comes fully assembled, straight out of the box.
  • 【Stunning Ream Fog Streaming】Different from other toy vehicles on the market, we offer a kind of cool RC truck that can spray water mist after we add the water with the provided dropper. 6 Dropper can last 20 minutes spraying. Constructed with four LED lights beside the spray nozzle, Brings a great visual experience for kids and adults.
  • 【5 Lighting Modes and Lighting Remote】You can choose 5 LED lighting modes if you press the button upper the car body, from gradient to solid. Also the remote can be lighting when turned on. Streaming and shining lights, make the remote truck amazing in the darkness and attract your toddler kids greatly. Making your racing car game night wonderful.
  • 【2 Rechargeable Batteries and 2.4GHz Remote Control】Equipped with 2 high capacity 7.4 500mAh batteries, the buggy RC car for boys will run for up to 20 minutes for each battery. 2 batteries for 40 minutes running! With 2.4GHz anti-interference technology, It allows up to 12 vehicles to run at the same time. Our RTR hobby grade RC car can be easily controlled up to 50 meters / 164 feet.
  • 【Screaming Car Gift for All Ages】This hobby grade RC truck is designed for beginners and intermediate level users who want to move forwards to high-end or just step out of the general RC car. Easy to control and can go all terrains. Good for indoor and outdoor. Racing with your family or friends and join in the DEERC fun!

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