5 Best Multi Effects Pedal Under $100 – Buying Guide (2020)

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The quality of multi-effects pedals has increased remarkably since they were first designed. Nowadays, they are used by musicians of different musical backgrounds, both in recording studios and on stages. The multi-effects pedal is the perfect way for a new guitarist to familiarize and start using effects.

The use of one pedal can be very difficult and challenging due to its complexity but with the simplicity of a multi-effects device, you get a broad understanding of so many types of effects and then choose the most suitable ones.

Having said that, there are certain things you need to put into consideration before purchasing a multi-effects pedal:

1. Budget and quality of sound

You have to spend more to get more features.  But then, it goes beyond the features. Sound quality is one important thing you need to consider. So ensure you are getting the value for your money.

2. Versatility

Having too many buttons on the device can be a bit frustrating and discouraging, so to avoid that, you may want to consider selecting the effects you will use and those you might need in the future. Focus on just those ones.

3. Portability

The multi-effects pedal is portable than stompboxes. The space available in your studio or wherever this device will be used should be considered. The amount of weight you want to move around is also important. Multi-effects pedals are much easier to move around.

Above all, a multi-effects pedal gives you the best effects at a reasonable price. Here is a list of some of those affordable and good quality multi-effects pedals under $100.

5. Singular Sound BeatBuddy the First Guitar Pedal Drum Machine

Singular Sound BeatBuddy the First Guitar Pedal Drum MachineThis drum machine comes in a pedal format, first of its kind. This pedal gives you complete control of your beat and also includes more than two hundred songs and twenty-four different genres but it can hold over three million songs. It also includes ten drum sets but can hold three hundred drum sets.

It allows you to download and create your own new content, drum sets and songs. It features a visual metronome that enhances rhythm quality.  You can now have full control of your beat while performing live and also have full control of your drums while playing your instruments. Programming is not necessary

The Singular Sound BeatBuddy feels much more human and natural. It doesn’t sound anything like a machine. The beats were created by professional drummers and this accounts for the professionalism enjoyed in sound. This product offers features suitable for all musicians and can be used with acoustic guitar, piano, or any electric instrument.

It is very easy to use and without much effort, it gives you that hands-free full control over the professional beats. It delivers amazing and high-quality sounds. It is much easier for songwriters to write songs with so many beats to work with and the Singular Sound BeatBuddy offers more than enough beats.

4. VOX STOMPLAB2G Modeling Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

VOX STOMPLAB2G Modeling Guitar Multi-Effects PedalThis pedal has a hundred presets of different music genres such as pop, rock, metal, etc. it comes with an interface that is also easy to use and the sounds can be accessed easily as well. It also comes with over a hundred effects. You also get to create twenty user programs. This is a great device for guitarists and will last a very long time. It can be powered by an alkaline battery that can last for over seven hours. This multi-effects pedal offers high quality, clean and distorted sounds.

Finding the right sound without worrying about the effect name is much easier since the different programs are named with a musical genre like blues, pop, etc. The musical styles/genres are divided into ten different categories and each of these categories has ten variations. This will make it so much easier to search for your favorite songs.

This multi-effect pedal can serve as both reverb pedal and tuner and it comes at a reasonable price. Its compressor has just two unobtrusive knobs. The room reverb is great compared to many other pedals. This device can be connected directly to your computer if you want to make some recordings.

3. Moozikpro Hunk Micro Distortion Pedal

Moozikpro Hunk Micro Distortion PedalThis pedal delivers smooth and clear vintage British, high-quality sound. It also produces an amazing crunchy sound. It is lightweight, durable and can last a very long time. It is designed with aluminum alloy with a small footprint that can match any type of pedalboard. Your instruments will deliver an unalterable, clear signal using this pedal. It is easy to use with just four knobs for tone, gain, volume and mode.

It comes with two patch cables; eleven inches long and suitable for connecting pedals. This is a nice delay pedal that comes at a reasonable price. The Moozikpro Hunk pedal is very portable, just about the size of a 9volt battery and can only be powered by an external power source. It is very convenient to travel with as it has a small, lovely size. This pedal is accurate!

Some of the downsides are that; the Moozikpro Hunk Micro Distortion Pedal is not so sensitive compared to some other tuners and not fast to pick up. They work perfectly well with guitars but the same cannot be said with the violin. It should also have separate controls for the on and off function.

2. KLIQ TinyTune Tuner Pedal for Guitar and Bass

KLIQ TinyTune Tuner Pedal for Guitar and BassThe tiny tuner pedal offers very fast, precise tuning and allows you to spend more time playing your instrument. It has an excellent display. The displays are very clear and visible under any kind of lighting, and so with this, it is very convenient to perform on a dark stage or at an outdoor venue. It produces clear sounds without hum or pop noises. This pedal has no confusing features or buttons that can make it difficult to use. It has a simple design and is easy to use.

The outer construction is made of aluminum and the internal components are made from high-quality materials. This makes it rugged and durable. It can work perfectly with different types of electrical instruments and has a broad tuning range.

It also has accurate tuning. It can drop tuning to four semitones below normal/standard pitch. This pedal offers easy visibility with its excellent color display. When the tuner is in use, the signal is muted. It has a dimension of 3.7” by 1.2” by 1.5” and weighs 4.3 oz.

One setback though is that it cannot be powered by the battery. A 9volt power supply is needed to operate it.

1. Zoom G1Xon Guitar Effects Pedal

Zoom G1Xon Guitar Effects PedalThis pedal comes with hundred effects and about five effects can be used together at the same time. Some of these effects include reverb, delay, modulation, flanging, vibrato, tremolo, distortion and many more. It also features an expression pedal and gives you full control during performance. It has nice control features for volume, overdrive adjustment and more. It also features a looper and an in-built tuner.

With its separate input jacks, you can connect both your music player and your guitar at the same time. There is also an outdoor jack you can connect your headphones or amp to. It can be powered with four AA batteries or an AC adapter.

A USB jack can also be used to operate. This battery can last for about twenty hours. It has a hard plastic construction at the side and top and a base made of solid metal. If handled properly with care, it should last a long time.

With the Zoom G1Xon Guitar Effects Pedal, you can pick any of the available effects and edit as you please. It gives you flexibility and power to create amazing effects without the need for multiple pedals. It can serve as a nice practice device for professional musicians but is also the perfect choice for new guitarists.

Bestseller No. 1
Zoom G1X FOUR Guitar Multi-Effects Processor with Expression Pedal, With 70+ Built-in Effects, Amp...
  • 71 built-in guitar effects and 13 amp models
  • Free download of Zoom guitar lab Mac/Windows software
  • 30-Second looper
  • 68 built-in rhythm patterns
  • Standard Guitar input, aux input for external audio players and amp/headphone output
Bestseller No. 2
ammoon PockRock Guitar Pedal Portable Multi-effects Processor Effect Pedal 15 Effect Types 40 Drum...
  • 【Multi-effects Pedal】: 5 effect modules including 15 effect types, providing you with a sound library.
  • 【Real Drum Rhythm】: 40 meticulous designed drum rhythms, and equipped with tuning function.
  • 【Total 32 Patches】: 16 preset patches and 16 user patches for you to create your own sound library.
  • 【Dual Power Supply】: DC 9V adapter(included) or 2 * AAA batteries (not included).
  • 【Perfect for Practice】: With 1/8" Aux in & headphone stereo jacks, and 1/4" input & output mono jacks. With a metal buckle on the backside to hang it at the waist for convenient usage.
SaleBestseller No. 3
VOX StompLab 1G Multi-Effects Modeling Pedal for Guitar
  • A total of 100 preset programs are categorized into styles such as rock, blues, metal, and pop
  • Easy to use interface; even novice users can instantly access the sounds they want.
  • Stomp Lab IG provides 103 types of modeling effects
  • Each effect model boasts a sound engine that has been distilled from the worldwide best-selling VT+ series of modeling amps as well as the Tone Lab series of multi-effect units.
  • Edit and save 20 of your own user programs
Bestseller No. 4
BOSS GT-1 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor Bundle with BOSS Tone Studio, Blucoil 9V DC Power Supply,...
  • OFFERS MORE THAN 100 EFFECTS - The BOSS GT-1 Guitar Multi-FX Processor is packed with 108 effects ranging from classic stompboxes to modern MDP-powered effects pedal. This compact unit produces convincing sounds and nice drive tones.
  • ALLOWS YOU TWEAK PATCHES QUICKLY - The multi-effects processor has straightforward Select and Edit functions that let you choose and customize patches fast and effortlessly.
  • COMES WITH BOSS TONE STUDIO SOFTWARE - The free Tone Studio editor/librarian gives you integrated access to BOSS' patch collection. The GT-1 boasts 99 manufacturers presets and offers 99 user patch slots you can download at BOSS Tone Central.
  • GIVES YOU AN ALL-IN-ONE PROCESSOR - The GT-1 has 3 footswitches, which provide patch selection, tuner access and looper control. There is also an assignable control switch that serves as a tap tempo and effects on/off. The expression pedal controls the volume, wah, and other parameters.
  • INCLUDES - BOSS GT-1 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor. BOSS Tone Studio Software. Blucoil Power Supply with Slim AC/DC Adapter for 9 Volt DC 670mA with US Plug (Center Negative Polarity). 2-Pack of Blucoil Right-Angled Patch Cables for Effects Pedals. 4-Pack of Blucoil Thin Celluloid Guitar Picks (Assorted Colors).
Bestseller No. 5
FLAMMA FX100 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal Processor with 151 Effects 80-Second Looper 200 Presets 55...
  • 9 EFFECTS BLOCKS: each block has several effects, covering 150+ effects in total; Up to 9 effects can be used simultaneously.
  • 55 AMP MODELS are IR-based factory speaker cab models designed to emulate the sound and feel of a real tube amplifier. 26 user IR slots for 3rd-party IRs loading to customize your own tone.
  • 200 PRESETS can provide multiple sound options for beginners. Connect it to Windows PC or MAC via USB for software updates, and preset editing using the dedicated editor software.
  • OTG FUNCTION supports compatible mobile phone or tablet connection. Enter the video/audio recording software for recording. This can also be used for live streaming.
  • 80-SECOND LOOPER for your recording, 40 drum machine options, and 10 metronomes to expand your sound creativity. Expression Pedal can be set to control the volume or the effects. ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE.

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