5 Best Excavator Toy for the Money – 2020 Buying Guide

When considering something that would keep your little one engaged, happy and smiling during his leisure time then you should consider getting an excavator as it has the ability to boost your kid’s imagination as well as helping to build the mind.

These excavator toys have been around for several years but new designs like flashing light, sounds and other impressive features make every kid love them each passing day and it doesn’t require spending much to get one for your little one.

Before parting ways with your money, feel free to take a walk with us and meet the best models that have been carefully selected just to make selection easier for you.

5. Digger scooter, Ride-on excavator, Pulling cart, Pretend play

Digger scooter, Ride-on excavator, Pulling cart, Pretend play construction truck (color may vary) by POCO DIVO

The Digger scooter is another affordable excavator that is readily available which takes about twenty minutes to assemble once it is taken away from the pack.

It stands out from other excavator toys as it ensures every kid understands the basics of movement as well as helping to improve every child’s physical skills.

This versatile excavator boasts of a three in one design such as the pulling cart, scooter and digger design and it also boasts of impressive features like music, flashlights, and switches which provides long hours of fun and entertainment for every kid.

It is however recommended for kids aged three to five while its anti-skid tires guarantee smooth traction and a fun-filled ride.


  1. Cute looking design
  2. Levers, buttons and horn also provides fun for every kid


  1. Comes smaller than expected
  2. The seat doesn’t fit properly
  3. Order a particular color and another color gets delivered

4. Top Race 7 Channel Full Functional RC Excavator, Battery Powered

Top Race 7 Channel Full Functional RC Excavator, Battery Powered Electric RC Remote Control Construction Tractor with Lights & Sound (TR-111)Whether it is for small stones, sandbox, outdoor or indoor use, the Top race 7 functional excavators would handle any task thrown at it and it boasts of top quality material construction which makes sure it lasts for a long time.

When it comes to enjoying multiple hours of fun, the Top Race 7 full functional excavator will provide several hours of fun and it can be moved backward, forward, arm up and down, right, left as well as rotating 360 degrees while its sounds and lights also ensure hours of fun.

It comes with a transmitter that makes use of three AAA batteries for operation and this remote control constructional excavator will deliver exciting and great time that would keep all kids busy and happy.


  1. Well designed toy for kids
  2. Its perfect design ensures long hours of fun for kids
  3. Flexible and convenient to play with thanks to its remote control design


  1. Not durable and not recommended for three-year-olds
  2. Doesn’t move backward or forward
  3. Cheaply made product which isn’t ideal for kids

3. CAT Tough Tracks Truck Excavator 

CAT Tough Tracks Truck Excavator The CAT tough truck excavator is a licensed product of Caterpillar (CAT) and it features a five-inch tall, six inches wide and nine-inch long size which makes it suitable for play.

Some of the impressive features of this CAT tough tracks excavator are its functional digger tractor and realistic detail which guarantees fun as well as enhancing imagination and thanks to its durable material construction, this truck excavator would last for a long time.

It is well designed to offer your little one so much fun and it is highly recommended for kids aged two and above as it is safe and won’t cause any form of harm.


  1. Ideal for playing in the mud, dirt and sand
  2. Sturdy construction makes it ideal for outdoor play


  1. Comes with a stiff arm
  2. Its bucket and arm is a little bit difficult to bend

2. LEGO City Great Vehicles Sweeper & Excavator 60152 Building Toy

LEGO City Great Vehicles Sweeper & Excavator 60152 Building Toy

Kids stand to gain a lot when it comes to playing with the LEGO city vehicle sweeper and excavator and one of the benefits include improving creative building as it comes with compatible sets of LEGO construction sets and LEGO city building toys.

Some features which will wow every kid and provide long hours of fun and entertainment include; a rotating body, excavator with an arm that is moveable and street sweeper which features spinning brushes.

Recommended for kids aged 5 to 12, this LEGO city sweeper and excavator helps to boost imaginative and roleplay skills in every kid.

Some other important accessories that it comes with include; wrench, two cones, buildable sign, jackhammer, shovel, broom, bricks and more.


  1. Can be easy to play with thanks to its helpful instructional manual
  2. Ensures every kid that plays with it stays happy
  3. Great design makes it every kid-favorite toy


  1. Some kids tend to need help occasionally when playing with this toy

1. LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator 10812, Best Gift

LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator 10812, Best Gift for 2-Year-OldsWhen it comes to providing long hours of fun and entertainment for your kid, the LEGO DUPLO town truck and tracked excavator is one toy that is well designed to do the trick.

It is well designed to provide hours of entertainment for your little one as it boasts of several impressive features like a big shovel on its arm, rotating cabin, moving tracks and extra bricks for scooping time.

One feature that would impress kids is its two safety helmets and two LEGO DUPLO construction workers and one of the advantages that this toy brings is it helps to boost roleplay skills in children.

It is also considered as the best gift for girls and boys aged two years.


  1. Maximum fun when building and driving with this toy
  2. Simple to play with
  3. Doesn’t only bring fun but is also considered as a source of education

Conclusion – What You Should Know

There you have the best excavator for the money listed above and we hope that after taking a look at this review, you will be able to make the right choice and find the one that best suits your child.

These toys will bring so much fun and also help to improve imaginative and roleplay skills in your kids so feel free to go for any of the products listed above.

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