5 Best Condenser Microphone For Vocals In 2020 – Buying Guide

Recording your beautiful voice is simply doing the world a huge favor as they would need to listen to it and play it back over and over again but before achieving this, it is very important that you make use of a good and quality microphone which would work effectively in any situation.

However, there are certain factors one must consider before selecting a microphone for vocal and they include:

  1. Connectivity
  2. Budget
  3. Pickup pattern
  4. Cables
  5. Shock mount
  6. Audio interface and more

After considering these factors, come with us as we show you the best microphone that would suit your vocal needs.

5. MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

condenser microphone for vocals

Having the MXL 77O cardioids condenser microphone is a great addition to any studio as its versatility makes it suitable for various activities and with this microphone, you would get good and excellent sounds for stringed instruments, pianos, vocals and percussion.

You will be impressed with this top quality condenser microphone as it boasts of low-frequency roll-off which helps to eliminate rumble sounds while another reason why this microphone is recommended for every studio is it comes wired with Mogami which guarantees amazing and crisp sound quality.

These features and more continues to amaze singers all around the world and it is also loved by singers as it delivers solid bass sounds.


  1. Delivers nice and clear tones
  2. Also recommended for basic recording
  3. Very easy to work with
  4. Comes with a sturdy shock mount


  1. Product arrived defective
  2. Generates hum or hiss sound

4. CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone

One impressive feature of this microphone is its extended and smooth frequency response which makes it ideal for instruments, sound and speech while its bass reduction switch also helps in eliminating noise.

Get the CAD USB studio condenser microphone which is perfect for rich and warm recordings and it also boasts of a cardioid pickup pattern that works effectively in getting rid of external noise and isolating noise from the main source.

This microphone is compatible with Macintosh and Windows devices and it also comes with a 10db overload protection which gets rid of distortion of loud sounds.


  1. Requires no drivers to install
  2. Comes with a CYAN LED which informs you about power
  3. Perfect for beginners
  4. Recommended for podcasts and vocals


  1. Microphone keeps going in and out during streaming after a few months of use

3. Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone, Cardioid

condenser microphone for vocalsWhen it comes down to spice up your YouTube recordings and you don’t know the right type of microphone for doing that then you should count on the Blue Snowball ICE condenser microphone as it will improve your recordings.

This microphone isn’t only designed for improving recordings but also for creating podcasts, recording vocals as well as adding narration to movies.

One impressive feature of this highly rated microphone is it provides you with crystal clear audio for FaceTime, messages and Skype.

You would also find it very easy to use as all it requires is for you to plug to your PC or MAC directly without requiring any drivers for installation.


  1. Delivers crisp and amazing sounds
  2. Also used for gaming
  3. Windows recognizes this microphone instantly
  4. Well built


  1. Doesn’t eliminate ambient noise
  2. Stopped working after a few months of use

2. Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition

condenser microphone for vocals

You can make use of this microphone for podcasting, musical instruments, vocals, field recordings, interviews, voiceovers and conference calls.

One of the features that make this microphone widely sought after today is its 3 condenser capsule which allows you to record at any time regardless of the situation.

Using the Blue Yeti USB microphone allows you select from any of its patterns such as the stereo, omnidirectional, bidirectional and cardioids patterns while its zero latency output, mute button and gain control button makes the operation quite easy and less stressful.


  1. Also ideal for communicating during video games
  2. Best in streaming radio stations


  1. A different color gets delivered than the color ordered for
  2. Microphone stopped working after a few months of use

1. AKG 3101H00420 P220 Vocal Condenser Microphone

condenser microphone for vocals

The AKG P220 vocal condenser microphone for vocals is designed bearing reliability, performance and versatility in mind and whether you need this microphone for mixing right in your home or capturing sounds in the studio, be rest assured that this microphone is well designed to handle any task thrown at it.

Using this highly rated condenser vocal microphone ensures that you would obtain great sound anywhere thanks to its unique features like bass roll-off switch, switchable attenuation pad and cardioids pickup pattern.

It also boasts of rugged and solid construction which ensures it takes over any stage.

Other notable accessories include a spider shock mount and an aluminum carrying case.


  1. Ideal for creating and writing demos for home projects
  2. Clear audio quality
  3. Would sound great on acoustic guitars and vocals
  4. Features a unique frequency spectrum
  5. Affordable
  6. Can be used as a gift item

Conclusion – What You Should Know

After going through this review, we hope that you would be able to find the best microphone for vocals that would suit your home or studio and be rest assured that the models listed in this review are well designed to suit your vocal needs.

Feel free to go for any of the models listed above as they are well designed to bring out the best of any vocals.

Bestseller No. 1
Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone, Black, Ideal for Project/Home Studio...
  • The price/performance standard in side address studio condenser microphone technology
  • Ideal for project/home studio applications; The noise level is 20 db spl
  • High spl handling and wide dynamic range provide unmatched versatility
  • Custom engineered low mass diaphragm provides extended frequency response and superior transient response
  • Cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source. Output connector:integral 3 pin XLRM type
Bestseller No. 2
MXL Mics 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • Multi-purpose condenser microphone
  • Excellent for vocals, pianos, stringed instruments, and percussion
  • Balanced bass response with high end clarity
  • Low frequency roll-off to reduce unwanted rumble
  • Low noise FET preamp with balanced, transformerless output
Bestseller No. 3
Stellar X2 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser XLR Microphone
  • Carefully Tuned Sound: Balanced and Neutral frequency response. Unlike most condenser microphones, this microphone does not sound harsh and will not stand out in your mix or sound fatiguing over time.
  • High Quality Diaphragm: Our capsules are made using high-grade brass and Japanese imported mylar. They are manufactured with the most precise machinery to achieve higher sensitivity making them able to reproduce subtle sounds. This makes it the perfect for a vairety of sources.
  • Low Noise Circuit: Our custom transformer less JFET circuit is made with German capacitors and components with a tolerance as low as 1%. It features gold traces for high conductivity, great performance without distortion, and a noise floor of less than 13dBA.
  • High Strength Iron Body: Our microphone body and frame are made out of high-grade iron with a durable grill to protect the capsule and ensure that every of our microphone will last a lifetime.
  • NOTE: To connect to a computer, please use a proper USB audio interface that can supply 48V and an XLR to XLR cable. DO NOT rely on a 48V power supply and connecting directly to your PC as that will give you a very low signal output.
Bestseller No. 4
XLR Condenser Microphone Kit MAONO AU-PM320S Professional Cardioid Vocal Studio Recording Mic for...
  • HIGH CONFIGURATION: Built-in large Dia.16mm condenser capsule, Custom-engineered low-mass diaphragm provides extended frequency response and superior transient response. High-SPL handling and wide dynamic range make wide versatility. This high-quality XLR microphone is ideal for recording sounds and suitable for podcasting, recording, streaming, gaming, and online chatting.
  • FULL METAL CONSTRUCTION: Higher standard microphone craftsmanship, AU-PM320S microphone uses high-quality materials to protect the microphone from being hurt easily as well as the internal structure. The adjustable scissors arm bracket is made of aluminum alloy structure, which is durable. Foldable, easy to carry. Using professional multiple drop tests, the quality is worth guaranteeing!
  • LOW NOISY: This XLR microphone uses a 98 in male to the female XLR cable connection, and the Pro-grade microphone cord is designed for microphones. Cardioid pointing can reduce the pickup of surrounding noise and bring you an immersive recording experience. The shock absorber can reduce the noise caused by vibration. Pop filter and windscreen cap can lower wind and Saliva interference and make your voice more clear.
  • BROAD COMPATIBILITY: This microphone is an XLR interface, you need a phantom power supply or sound card that can provide 48V voltage (not included in the package), through the sound card or phantom power supply, you can connect to your Windows/IOS/IPad/phone, Maono ---AU-PM320S can bring you an excellent sound experience.
  • PACKING LIST AND QUALITY ASSURANCE: package includes microphone*1, boom arm*1, metal shock mount*1, pop filter*1, windscreen*1, XLR to XLR cable*1 and User manual*1. Maono provides a one-year quality warranty, if you have any questions about our products, Please contact us, we are committed to providing you with the best service!
Bestseller No. 5
Bestseller No. 6
AKG P220 Cardioid Condenser Microphone for Vocals, Pianos, Horns, Woodwind and String Instruments...
  • OFFERS VERSATILE PERFORMANCE - The AKG P220 is a multipurpose condenser microphone that produces warm and clear sound ideal for lead vocals, acoustic guitars, pianos, and brass instruments.
  • REPRODUCES SOUNDS WITH HIGH FIDELITY - P220 is a true condenser microphone with a large 1" diaphragm. It accurately captures the nuances of your voice or musical instrument.
  • CAN HANDLE LOUD SOUND SOURCES - This mic has a maximum of 155dB SPL. You can use P220 in front of an amplifier without worries. Activate the 20dB attenuation pad to prevent overloading and distortion when using loud sources.
  • ELIMINATES UNWANTED NOISES - Its cardioid polar pattern captures a sound source in front and blocks ambient noise. The 300Hz bass-cut filter reduces the proximity effect of close-in miking and remove the low-end distortion.
  • INCLUDES - AKG P220 Cardioid Condenser Microphone. Spider Shock Mount. Metal Carrying Case. Blucoil 10-Foot Balanced XLR Cable - Premium Series 3-Pin Cable for Microphones, Speakers, and Pro Devices (Male-to-Female). Blucoil All-in-One Microphone Boom Arm Plus Pop Filter.
SaleBestseller No. 7
ZINGYOU Condenser Microphone Bundle, BM-800 Mic Kit with Adjustable Mic Suspension Scissor Arm,...
  • Professional Recording Studio Equipment: Equiped with Zingyou BM-800 microphone, Shock mount, Pop filter, Mic adjustable suspension scissor arm stand, Anti-wind foam Cap, Power cable, Sound card
  • Sensitive Capture: The Zingyou BM-800 features thin material diaphragm or “capsule” which vibrates and sends a signal to the output when engaged and is hit by sound waves, it provides an extremely accurate and highly detailed representation of what’s being played
  • Great in both Vocal and Instruments: Wide frequency response makes it an ideal mic to capture vocals, acoustic guitars, acoustic pianos and even strings as the condenser is able to take an accurate snapshot and capture all the subtleties and nuances inherent in these instruments.
  • Low Noise: It features high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) that means less distortion to be caused on the process of recording, Unique 3-layer protection system prevents unwanted pop noises—providing singers with a clear, plosive-free vocal performance
  • With detailed assemble video and Instruction document, 7 days no reason to refund, 30-day replacement service, 1 year warranty

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