Top 5 Best Broadheads for Deer Hunting – 2020 Buying Guide

Best Broadheads for Deer Hunting

A hunter’s gear list seems endless as there are new inventions every day so as to make every hunting trip successful and one obstacle or lingering problem is the fact that the market is flooded with low-quality products which could have a negative effect on any hunting trip.

One necessary item that you would find any hunter’s gear for hunting down deer is a broadhead and when choosing a good broadhead, the following are certain factors you need to look out for;

  1. Dependability
  2. Reliability
  3. Durability

Looking at the market today, you would discover that there are two types of broadheads namely the mechanical and fixed broadheads and both are quite reliable when hunting down deer.

A hunter’s amazing skill with the combination of the right tools and equipment guarantees a successful hunting session and to be able to identify the ideal broadhead for your next hunting session, come with us and meet the best broadhead for deer:

5. Carbon Express Quad Pro Broadhead, 3-Pack

Featuring about six cutting edges, the Carbon Express Quad Pro Broadhead is one of the trusted and reliable deer broadheads that you would find in any deer hunting gear as it would deliver maximum damage when it hits its a target, meaning it creates about twenty-five percent wound opening accuracy.

Thanks to its one hundred percent spin power and aerodynamic accuracy, this broadhead guarantees optimal precision and maximum devastation when it reaches its target.

For effective and more reliable results, it is advisable to use this broadhead with aluminum and carbon cross bolts and with this broadhead, there would be a large blood trail, high blood loss and a faster kill which also contributes to why it is widely used and found in almost every hunter’s gear.


  1. Ensures it gets the job done
  2. High-quality product
  3. Delivers the final kill
  4. Can be used for target practice
  5. Can be used for compound bows too


  1. Appeared smaller than expected
  2. Arrived dull

4. Rage Hypodermic

Durability is guaranteed when talking about the Rage Hypodermic deer hunting broadhead as it features an aerodynamic ferrule one-piece construction which promotes long-lasting use and with this broadhead, every user is resting assured that it would take down any target it is shot at as it boasts of extremely sharp and tough blades which deliver optimal penetration and devastation when it hits its target.

One reason that contributes to why this broadhead is widely used and popular among most hunters is due to the fact that it is accurate and delivers legendary wounds to target while another impressive feature of the Rage Hypodermic broadhead is its shock collar technology which helps in providing optimal blade retention.

One advantage that comes with the rage hypodermic deer broadhead is it comes with added practice broadheads so you can practice a bit for embarking on your next hunting trip.


  1. Extremely sharp
  2. Reliable and deadly
  3. Comes with practice tips
  4. High-class performance


  1. Doesn’t penetrate as expected
  2. Difficult to keep this broadhead operational
  3. Received an already opened package

3. Swhacker Set of 3-100 Grain 2 Inch Cut Broadheads

Featuring a dual cutting edge, the SWHACKER set of three broadheads is also one of the best and reliable broadheads ever made as it would take down any target it is being shot at.

The major reason why this broadhead is widely used is due to its dual cutting edges as its first cutting edge is trusted to cut through bones, hide, dirt and hair and this makes them be referred to as the ‘first impact blades’.

The second cutting edge does precisely nothing during penetration of targets and this makes them stay extremely sharp so they can deliver the damage when they come in contact with internal organs.


  1. Flies great
  2. Takes down target
  3. Affordable
  4. Great design


  1. Not sharp

2. G5 Outdoors Montec 100% Stainless Steel Fixed Broadheads (3 Pack)

Just as its name goes, the G5 Outdoor Montec fixed broadhead is one broadhead that you would find quite easy to use as it boasts of a simple and not complex design and it also boasts of the all-steel, tough piece construction which doesn’t only guarantee durability and long-lasting use but also ensures one hundred percent accuracy.

Unlike other products that require replacement or assembly before use, the Outdoor Montect fixed broadhead is one that you can get to work with immediately as it requires no form of assembly but all it requires is for you to screw to the tip and start shooting.

Its ready to use and non-complex design is one determining the factor that makes it quite popular and widely used among many hunters and it also guarantees results as it delivers maximum devastation and penetration which guarantees taking down of targets.


  1. Tough design
  2. Works as described
  3. Flies great too
  4. Takes down deer target
  5. Can be used as a gift item
  6. Dependable


  1. Not accurate
  2. Isn’t as sharp as advertised

1. Stinger 2 Blade Arrow Broadhead (Pack of 3), 150-Grain

This is one of the most popular and widely used broadheads in deer hunting and it is made using high-quality stainless steel, knife grade material which doesn’t only guarantee durability for long-lasting use but also guarantees that it stays razor-sharp and ready for use.

Its ferrule is made using high-quality aluminum material which enables it to fly perfectly and its ferrule is also spin tested which makes it be properly aligned.

The Stinger 2 Blade arrow broadhead comes with a diamond tip that can penetrate even the toughest of bones and hides so as to deliver optimal penetration.


  1. Delivers high penetration
  2. High flying design
  3. Recommended for aluminum arrows
  4. Great value design


  1. Seems heavy

Other Related Products Include

1. Muzzy Bowhunting Broadheads, 4 Blade, 1 Inch Cutting Diameter 90 or 100 Grain, 6 Pack

This is one broadhead suitable for hunting and taking down deer as it boasts of tips made using hardened steel which enables it to shatter bones as well as penetrate the body of the target deeply and it does this by also boosting and maintaining arrow stability as well as reducing wind planning while in flight

One advantage of this well designed and impressive deer hunting broadhead is the fact that it easily switches practice blades to target withing a second and its blades are made using high-quality aluminum ferrule which doesn’t only promote durability but also helps in promoting stability.


  1. Flies nice
  2. Guarantee to leave a blood trail
  3. Strong and tough head
  4. Awesome design
  5. Durable and long-lasting product

2. Muzzy 209-MX4, Bowhunting 100 Grain, .025″ 4 Blade Broadhead, 1-1/8″ Cutting Diameter, 3 Pack

Specially designed for maximum cutting and penetrating action, maximum strength and maximum speed, this well designed and unique broadhead from MUZZY is one that hunters can rely on and trust when it comes down to taking down deer and being successful on any hunting trip and another reason why this broadhead is widely used and popular among most hunters is because of its trocar tip which is extremely sharp in penetrating targets and crushing bones.

Its compact design makes it quite convenient for use unlike other bulky products available on the market and another impressive feature that makes it stand out from the rest is its 0.25-inch blade thickness which makes them extremely reliable and tough.

They are designed in the United States of America and are made using high-quality materials which help to ensure durability and long-lasting use.


  1. Durable
  2. Impressive flying action
  3. Shoots straight
  4. These broadheads hit hard and penetrate deeply
  5. Sharp
  6. Fast delivery service


  1. Didn’t live up to expectation

3. Drone Broadhead by Wasp Archery

With this broadhead, hunters are now assured that they would take down their targets with precision and accuracy as the drone broadhead by wasp archery is one that is specially designed with a minimal surface area which guarantees that it penetrates deeply, has great strength and also delivers accuracy when it hits its target.

Its tip is properly aligned with the blades so as to penetrate through cartilages and bones with ease and another impressive feature is it flies through a straight path which enables it to leave a great amount of devastation immediately it hits its target.

These broadheads are made using top quality materials which don’t only ensure long-lasting use but also enables them to withstand tough use and make them reliable in any hunting condition.


  1. Tough head
  2. Deadly when it hits its target
  3. Extremely sharp
  4. Flies in a straight path
  5. Burst through bones easily


  1. Still ha a poor finish

4. Huntingdoor 12Pack 3 Fixed Blade Archery Broadheads 125 Grain Arrow Head Hunting Arrow Tips

These top-quality three-blade fixed broadheads guarantee superior flight which ensures it hits every target and thanks to its three-blade, heavy-duty design, this quality broadhead will deliver high accuracy and superior strength.

These 12 pack fixed blade archery broadheads are highly recommended for crossbow and compound bows and they are specially designed to fit most types of arrows without requiring any external skill in fixing them.

When it comes to taking down any prey, this broadhead will get the job done as it is sharp to deliver a clear kill while its stable, fast and sharp design makes it ideal for shooting and hunting.


  1. Can be used as a gift item
  2. Specially designed to perfectly fit all most kinds of arrows
  3. Great and fast delivery service
  4. Extremely sharp and features a perfect weight


  1. Not suitable for short crossbows

5. Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX Mechanical Broadhead, 2 blade 2 Inch Cutting Diameter, 100 or 125 Grain, 3 Pack

The rage bowhunting mechanical broadhead is one of the reliable broadheads that would take down the target easily as it boasts of a Ferrule Alignment Technology which helps to guarantee high resistance to wear as well as helping to strengthen the tip for better alignment.

Another impressive feature of this top-rated mechanical broadhead is its shock collar retention design which helps to provide almost perfect retention at all times.

Obtaining a perfect kill and creating a wider entry is assured when it comes to taking down game with the rage bowhunting mechanical broadhead and it also comes along with a head for practice so you can perfect your skills and take down any game when hunting.


  1. Delivers a clean kill even when fifty yards out
  2. Leaves behind a blood trail
  3. Highly durable product
  4. Suitable for hunting down hogs and deer


  1. Broadheads fail to open and this leads to loss of game

Final Verdict – What You Should Know

Being able to identify the ideal broadhead for your next hunting trip should no longer be challenging and no hunter would be pleased to go out on a hunting trip and not return successful.

Any of the five broadheads listed above would ensure victory in your next hunting session but you should also have it at the back of your mind that it isn’t just about having the right gear but weather conditions also have a role to play in deer hunting.

Wishing you the best of luck on your next hunting session.


We have rounded up on the best broadheads that would be ideal in taking down deer on your next hunting trip but we also suggest you go through our most accurate fixed blade broadheads or our best mechanical broadheads so as to see if you’ll find any product that catches the eyes.


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Bestseller No. 1
JIANZD Archery Broadheads 100 Grain Fixed Blades Stainless Steel Hunting Broadheads for Crossbow...
  • Sturdy and Durable: All-steel construction with 100% spin-tested accuracy. With no components to assemble or replace, simply screw on and shoot.
  • Perfect Flight: 100 grain Broadheads fly just like field points. Durable and deadly, shoot nice and straight.
  • Powerful Penetration: Awesome impact of going right thru whatever your shooting at. Very sharp !!!
  • High Precision: 100 grain +/- 1 grain, Cutting diameter:1”~ 1 1/8”.
  • After-sale service :If you are not satisfied with our Broadheads, we provide full refund guarantee within 30 days.
Bestseller No. 2
AOFAR HX-1200T Range Finder for Hunting Archery, 1200 Yards with Angle and Horizontal Distance,...
  • 【ACCURATE HUNTING RANGE FINDER】:Adopting the latest Al technology, supports bow and range two modes, dust proof, fog proof, waterproof for all hunting enthusiasts.
  • 【BOW AND HUNTING MODE】:Shows angle and horizontal distance when showing straight-line distance.
  • 【HIGH PRECISION RANGEFINDER】:Upgrade pinsensor technology. Accuracy with±1 yard in 5~300Y, larger than 300 yards is +/-1 yards. Measurement up to 1200 yards. 6x magnification. Sizes is 121x 72 x 43 mm and weight is 180g.
  • 【COMPLETE RANGE FINDER】:Including carrying pouch, CR2 battery, high-grade portable rope, carabiner, cleaning cloth and manual.
  • 【SAFETY SHOPPING EXPERIENCE】:AOFAR factory direct selling with TWO year VIP and lifetime customer support. It's Important to Share Your Shopping Experience. Engineers will Develop What You Like.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads, 12PCS 3 Blades Archery Broadheads 100 Grain Screw-in Arrow Heads...
  • 【EASY INSTALL】- 100 grain broadheads with 3 extremely sharp fixed blades! Standard screw-in insert thread compatible with all Crossbow and Compound Bow.
  • 【REMARKABLE PRECISION】- 2.8" stainless steel blades specially designed for field practice and field hunting game, exclusive hybrid tips are surgically precise construction.
  • 【DURABLE & SHARP】- The hunting bow tips are manufactured using an anodized aluminium and the tip using a super hard stainless steel .The hunting bow tips arrow head is durable, sharp, fast and fitable for hunting and shooting game.
  • 【NOTE】-12PCS Pack , The Archery Broadheads don't include the hunting shaft.
  • 【Life-time Technic Service] Sinbadteck PROVIDED 45-day return & lifetime technical support. Please feel free to contact us for help.
Bestseller No. 4
Flying Arrow Archery T3100 Toxic Broadhead Blade, Silver, 100-Grain
  • 7/8"-1" Cutting Diameter
  • Massive bone crushing chisel tip
  • Toxic & Cyclone 100 Grain Blades are interchangeable
  • Meatworm Technology
  • RCD (Radical Core Decompression Technology)
Bestseller No. 5
e5e10 12PCS 125 Grain 3 Blade Broadheads Hunting Arrow Heads Screw-in Arrow Tips Crossbow and...
  • 3 blade 125 grain designed for crossbow or compound bow
  • The Three Blade broadhead is durable, sharp, fast and fitable for hunting and shooting.
  • The shaft and nuts are manufactured using an anodized aluminium and the tip using a super hard stainless steel with 125grain
  • Compatible with Recurve bow,Crossbow and Compound Bow bolts, and easy to install
  • Package:12pcs tips in one box


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