5 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200 – Buying Guide (2020)

Unlike noise-isolating headphones which makes use of materials in muffling noise, noise-canceling headphones make use of battery power as well as noise cancellation technology to prevent external noise from your ears which hinder you from feeling quality and superior sounds and this also helps to maintain and care for your ears as turning up the headphone volume to its maximum level can cause damage to the ears.

Noise-canceling headphones are not only ideal for listening to music but for also watching movies and to make the search easier for you, we urge you to pause for a minute and go through this review to meet the best noise-canceling headphones which we have rounded up especially for you to match your $200 budget

5. Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

Well designed to guarantee up to eighty hours of battery life and also featuring quality and powerful 30mm Neodymium drivers, the Sony MDRZX110NC noise-canceling headphones are simply one of the best, quality and top-rated headphones that you would come across on the internet.

One reason why these headphones are widely sought after is that it is uniquely designed to eliminate or get rid of listening to distracting sounds when in use.

This headphone boasts of a frequency response of about 12-22,000Hz for treble, mids and bass and despite being lightweight, it is also well designed to get rid of external noise up to ninety-five percent so you can listen for long undisturbed.


  1. Recommended for use during flights
  2. Effectively filters off low frequency and ambient noise
  3. Boasts of an easy to fold design that makes it compact
  4. Comfortable thanks to its on-ear design


  1. Don’t sound best as described
  2. Cord length is a bit shorter than expected

4. Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for Samsung and Android devices, Black (wired, 3.5mm)Coming in a unique black and white design, this headphone is another attractive and well-designed headphone available on the internet.

Unlike other low-quality headphones, this one boasts of a remote and inline mic which offers every user total control over taking calls and listening to music especially when used with a Samsung and other Android devices.

Maximum comfort is guaranteed when using the Bose QuietComfort acoustic noise-canceling headphones thanks to its lightweight and on-ear design and its style of comfort guarantees that you would wear this headphone all day without feeling any pain.

One impressive feature of this headphone is it cancels noise significantly which is why it is highly recommended for flights and work and it also delivers amazing bass sounds and superior audio quality so you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs.


  1. Comfortable and delivers clear sounds
  2. Outstanding noise elimination technology
  3. Top-quality build which boosts durability


  1. The battery doesn’t last long

3. Bose 715053-0110 QuietComfort 25

Bose 715053-0110 QuietComfort 25When it comes to using a quality and well-designed headphone for travel and flights, the Bose QuietComfort noise-canceling headphone is one that you can rely on and this quality headphone is specially made for use with iPad, iPhones and iPod models.

Despite being made especially for use with Apple products, these headphones are also considered as the most versatile as they are also compatible with most Blackberry, Windows and Android devices and one of its impressive features is its inline remote and microphone which gives any user maximum control over the music he listens to as well as for taking calls.

These headphones are also designed to provide you with the best listening experience ever as it will deliver powerful, deep and crystal clear sounds without any external or ambient noise.


  1. Durable as it boasts of a solid material construction
  2. Comfort is guaranteed as these headphones will perfectly fit any ear size
  3. Outstanding sound quality
  4. Works effectively in getting rid of the noise


  1. Poor battery quality
  2. Not ideal for calls as the other caller won’t hear you

2. Mpow Noise Reduction Safety Ear muffs

Mpow Noise Reduction Safety Ear muffs, SNR 34dB Shooting Hunting Ear Muffs, Professional Hearing Protection with a Carrying Bag, Adjustable Folding Ear Defenders Fits Adults to Kids for Shooting RangeWhen it comes to using headphones that would filter off and get rid of background or external noise, the Mpow noise reduction headphone fits the bill as it boasts of an NRR sound technology which doesn’t only works effectively in getting rid of background noise but would also provide protection for the ears.

Due to this reason, this headphone is therefore recommended for activities like racing, gun range shooting, hunting, operating machines, studying and many more and it is also recommended for people who work in landscape and mining areas.

It also boasts of a one-size-fits-all which also makes sure it fits and stays comfortably on the ears while its foldable design also makes it easy for you to store up when not in use.


  1. Gets rid of background sound and provides added comfort
  2. Affordable
  3. Great delivery service
  4. Very easy to use and adjust


  1. Not so effective when used while shooting or hunting

1. Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

Thanks to its easy to fold and portable design, the Active Noise Canceling headphone is highly recommended for going on trips and it is also made using top quality Texas 1 materials which guarantees that it completely gets rid of external and background noise.

Maximum comfort is guaranteed when using this headphone as it boasts of a comfortable ear-pad design which in turn makes it possible for you to wear this headphone all day long without feeling any pain and it also boasts of a Bluetooth 4.0 technology which makes it compatible with other Bluetooth enabled devices.

It comes backed with a 12-months warranty as it is made using top quality materials so you don’t have to be worried about getting a replacement anytime soon.


  1. Very comfortable during use
  2. Recommended for both kids and adults
  3. Delivers no static but crystal clear sounds
  4. Affordable
  5. Also offers you amazing musical sounds and peace

Conclusion – What You Should Know

One doesn’t need to spend heavily when shopping for good and quality noise-canceling headphones and the aim of this review is to help you find the best noise-canceling headphones that would match a two hundred dollar budget.

We hope that after going through this review, you would be able to make the right choice and you are rest assured that you won’t be going wrong by going for any of the products listed above.

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