4 Best TV Antenna Boosters – 2020 Buying Guide

When we’re talking about television, the first thing that comes to our mind is probably divided opinions. While some people can definitely live without it and consider it a complete waste of time – in every sense – others seem to find it rather fun and enjoyable. For individuals and families who spend their mornings and evenings tucked in their blankets and their comfy sofas watching their favorite shows, a bad signal is one of the most annoying things that could happen. In order to make sure that inconveniences like this won’t happen, many people rely on additional devices – so-called ‘boosters’. You know how an electric guitar amplifier works, right?

It increases the volume of the sound and makes some great effects. Well, this TV-related device has a similar purpose – they improve antenna reception and help distribute a better signal among televisions connected to it.

It’s essential to say this – before you decide to purchase a booster of this kind, what you need to do first is to revise the functioning of the antenna and the connection cable to the televisions. That should exclude any physical or other problems with it and parts that potentially need to be repaired or changed. If you find some though, the first step is to contact a professional team and arrange the repairs – you can read more here about it.

Today we’ll talk about our warm suggestions when it comes to the devices of the highest quality, recommended by other users and numerous reviews. We’ve chosen a few items to represent, hoping that some of them will definitely meet your expectations regarding the criteria such as quality, price, or durability. Therefore, let’s have a look at the most interesting products found on the market.

The König KN-AMP40

Source: odkarla.cz

Well, one of the most essential things to know about this model is that you’ll need to get it as soon as you notice that it’s available somewhere, as it goes out of stock really quickly – that’s how big the demand is!

Some of the most prominent features that characterize it are 20 decibels of gain in a frequency range of 40 to 862 MHz, that comes along with an appropriate potentiometer which enables the signal strength settings. Another thing that makes it a truly solid variation is the number of outputs. It contains four of them, which means that you’ll be able to link more than one, and up to four televisions at the same time.

The box seems to be rather consistent and well-designed, but, as some reviews stated – it could definitely be smaller, as the size seems to exceed the regular dimensions of such types of instruments. However, in case you don’t mind it, this could be a good investment. Users have reported that after using it, they were even able to catch some channels that they didn’t have as offered before, which is definitely a great piece of news.

Axing SVS 2-02

Source: pinterest.com

Another splendid example of a great amplifier would be Axing SVS 2-02. This one is perfect for providing some help for satellite equipment. With its frequency that goes up to marvelous 2200 MHz and 20 dB of gain. What you should know is that this model is for interior use only and that it should be fulfilled as it’s required for the proper functioning of the device.

The users who tried it stated that it has an impressive signal gain with community antenna, increasing 50% and 60% of signal up to 90% on all channels! Also, some of them advised that one of the conditions for the proper functioning of this instrument is a well-oriented and well-placed satellite dish. If these requirements aren’t fulfilled, this will only increase the noise and similar issues more than the signal.

The only two things you need to ‘install’ this are two jacks – one input and one output – to connect this miraculous thing and make it work. It comes in silver color, the design is rather simple, but effective, and it doesn’t occupy much space.

Meliconi 880100 AMP-20

Source: dimostore.it

There’s one more booster that does an amazing job – thanks to its adjustable power which can go up to 20 dB, it successfully enhances both digital and analog signal up to ten times! And not only this – it’s also very effective with improving radio signals with the frequency range between 40 and 790 MHz and his three connectors.

What makes users enthusiastic about this model, apart from its quality, are its small dimensions – it weighs only a little bit more than 40 g and its measures are 7 x 11.5 x 11.3 cm. This means that there shouldn’t be any problem when it comes to placing the product in a limited-size space, as it should fit well. It’s also perfect for widening the coverage of channels not seen with the normal antenna signal strength. And, although it can be used for only two TVs, it’s still considered one of the best and most powerful instruments of this kind on the market.

Metronic 432177

Source: comprarahorrando.es

If you don’t have a bunch of TVs, but only one or two that could use a bit of boost, and if you need a piece that doesn’t really require numerous tedious installment steps, this one’s for you. Medtronic 432177 is able to amplify the different kinds of antennas and signals and share its power to a maximum of two TVs.

Of course, it also comes with a potentiometer which sets the reception level appropriately up to a maximum of 26 dB and the frequency up to 790 MHz. Another useful feature would be great protection provided against issues that could be linked to 4G.

And the best thing about this? As previously stated – there’s no need to follow endless installation processes – connecting it to the electrical network and setting inputs and outputs will do. Its size is average, and the most important part – user reviews are great. Just like The König KN-AMP40, its size seems to be a tiny disadvantage, but having in mind the usefulness, no one takes it too seriously or as a great defect.

Have you already decided which one fits the best? Of course, this is only a tiny part of many TV antenna boosters around the market and sometimes it’s very difficult to decide which one would be a perfect solution for our home. However, thanks to honest reviews of loyal customers, these models stood out as some of the greatest pieces ever made in this field – so make sure you obtain one right away.


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